Overwatch 2022 Summer Showdown Coming in Hot! Maps, Game Modes, and More!

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Overwatch 2022 Summer Showdown Coming in Hot! Maps, Game Modes, and More!

Overwatch League's biggest regional tournament is kicking off, and we're feeling the heat!

Here's everything we know about Season 5's Summer Showdown Qualifiers.

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The past two tournaments have seen the Shock and Los Angeles Gladiators competing for the top 1 spot in the west region. Whilst, Seoul Dynasty has remained on top consistently this season for the east, leaving Spark on 2nd and last season's winners Shanghai Dragons on the 3rd spot. While many may see their favorite teams in lower spots (I believe in you, Dallas Fuel), the game's far from over. We've received multiple announcements on the next chapter of Overwatch League, including who's going up against who.

Match schedule

Overwatch League's official Twitter has released the schedule for the Summer Showdown teams set to duke it out for the western region.

Each of the 13 groups will be facing off twice against any other team throughout the highly anticipated qualifying matches. The 7 pro teams from the eastern region will be clashing in an intense round-robin, getting to clash against every other lineup. There will be 6 seeding matches for each of the bunch to qualify, which will make sure that they save the best for last!


New information detailing which maps the pro teams were going to be playing in for the qualifiers was also given out. Returning maps from the first game are going to have a new time of day, and new Overwatch 2 maps like “New Queen St.” and the long-awaited “Paraiso” were also shown.

The Omnic Post released a video covering the ins and outs of the Paraiso map, noting the stylish architecture as well as referencing design choices that hearken back to Lucio's backstory as a DJ of the people.

Game modes

The following game modes have been confirmed for the qualifiers:

  1. Control – two teams will compete over a control point and win once their control reaches 100% completion. Overtime triggers once one team reaches 99% whilst another hero from the opposition contests for the point.
  2. Hybrid – the attacking team must capture a control point that releases a moving objective/”payload”. The objective must then be brought to its destination by the attacking team to win.
  3. Escort – a moving cart/objective must be pushed to the end of the map by the attacking team in order to win. Defenders must stall them until time runs out.
  4. Push – a fan-favorite addition that comes with the game's sequel, Push is a game mode that sees both teams struggling to take control of a loveable robot named “Clive” that pushes a barricade into their opponent's spawn point.

An Overwatch 2 image of the Push gamemode with Clive the Robot and Tracer in the foreground

New hero

Adding to this season's Summer Showdown hero roster is the newest Junkertown denizen on the block. Junker Queen blasts her way into the competitive scene as a playable character in Overwatch League, and I, for one, am excited to see the big-brain plays. Her 6-chambered shotgun produces high-powered damage to a devastating effect in close range, and her adorably-named throwing knife “Gracie” can be recalled magnetically and pull enemies towards “the wastelander” as it returns. Adding to the fact that she is a tank gives her a fair bit of versatility as another hard-hitting choice for the professionals utilizing her kit.

Each win in the qualifier matches awards a team one League point, and entering the Summer Showdown Tournament automatically awards the teams an additional point. This season's Summer Showdown Tournament finals are set in September 8-11, and will be broadcasted live through LAN. See Overwatch League's official announcement below.

The end of this season segment, and the upcoming Countdown Cup will see the top 6 from the west and the top 3 from the east moving on to the playoffs. 2 teams from the west and 1 team from the east will contend for play-ins, which will form the final 12 roster for the double-elimination playoff bracket that's set to begin on October this year.

Catch the 2022 Summer Showdown Qualifier matches on August 11-14 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT on YouTube Gaming!

Overwatch 2022 Summer Showdown Coming in Hot! Maps, Game Modes, and More!
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