Overwatch 2: The Support Heroes To Pick Right Now

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Overwatch 2: The Support Heroes To Pick Right Now

Here are the Overwatch 2 Support heroes you should pick in Season 4 right now.

The mid-season Update in Overwatch 2 Season 4 made some heroes like Junker Queen the center of the meta. As a result, the hero is a part of almost any combo right now, and this has an effect on everything. In fact, we have already covered some of the best DPS heroes you can get alongside JQ and when you’re playing against her.

After covering the DPS, the next important thing to highlight is the support heroes. Most people in Overwatch 2 Season 4 associate support with healers, which is not okay because healing is just one of the many things support is responsible for. They also provide utilities, damage amp, damage reduction, and more. So, let’s learn more about some of the hottest support heroes you should pick in the current meta.


The first name on the list of supports for Overwatch 2 Season 4 you should focus on after the mid-Season update is Zenyatta. It may come as a surprise because the hero hasn’t received any changes, but he is actually really strong in the current meta. Zen’s ability to play against a brawling type of combo makes him very strong in the current matchup.

One of the reasons why some people avoided picking Zenyatta is because the hero was not good against Dive combos. He is pretty easy to kill and since he has no mobility, he is a sitting duck for most players.

However, the changes after the mid-Season 4 update made the hero a lot stronger feel stronger because the meta is not dive-focused anymore. As a result, Zen is a lot more powerful.

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Despite not having the best healing output, no one can deny that Zenyatta’s damage is on another level. He is probably the most dangerous support in the game in terms of damage and can easily one-shot all squishy targets. Of course, we also have to mention his powerful Discord orb because the latter can easily punish all enemies that are too aggressive and it is extremely effective against tanks, such as Junker Queen.
With that said, JQ is pretty strong against this hero because her ultimate does not allow Zenyatta’s Trens to heal. In other words, you have to be really careful when playing and not overlap your ultimates.


Wait.. some of you ma y be wondering why Ana is on the list when it comes down to the top support heroes to pick in Overwatch 2 Season 4 when she got a lot of nerfs. While it’s true that her grenade is no longer as effective as before because it heals less, she is still one of the best supports in the game.

A good Biotic Grenade on an enemy target is all it takes for Ana and her team to bring down a tanky target.  Sure, the ability is not that effective defensively, but most people used it offensively anyway.

Another of Ana’s abilities that is game-changing is her Sleep Dart. Luckily, this thing didn’t receive any changes, so it remains one of the best abilities in the game. It provides insane CC and can easily change the course of any team fight. Of course, landing this ability is not that easy and often takes a lot more time than usual. 

An important thing to remember about Ana is that the hero depends a lot on her allies to be effective. Despite being one of the best supports in the game, there are certain heroes that she works way better with. The Ana and Genji combo is the first thing that comes to mind, but many heroes with high burst damage are also good options.

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If you remember our preview articles about some of the best Overwatch 2 heroes you can get, Lucio was always on the list. This is a hero that can do really well in a variety of situations, and he is incredibly strong in dive combos. While it is true that they aren’t that strong following the mid-Season 4 update, Lucio continues to be an amazing option because of the utility he provides to his allies. 

With that said Lucio’s movement speed allows him to be really effective against brawling combos that are pretty popular right now. He can use his burst to help him and his allies escape or chase a given target, depending on the situation.

Similar to Zenyatta, Lucio didn’t receive that many changes. In fact, the only thing new is that Lucio now has the do the Backwards Wall Ride option on by default. Furthermore, the hero’s Hold to Crossfade option is Off/Hold and Speed/Hold for healing instead of Off/On.


Each of these 3 heroes can work well after the mid-Season 4 update in Overwatch 2. Some of them are slightly better than the rest, but it depends on the specific setup. For example, Zenyatta is amazing versus heroes that can’t jump on him, whereas Lucio is one of the best for brawling setups.

Overwatch 2: The Support Heroes To Pick Right Now
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