Overwatch 2: The Kimiko (Fox Girl) Leak is Fake

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Overwatch 2: The Kimiko (Fox Girl) Leak is Fake

We're sad to say it but the Kimiko leak is fake.

The recent leak on 4chan and reddit about the Fox Girl definitely sparked some interest because fans were eager to learn more about Overwatch 2’s latest hero. However, Blizzard’s devs decided to step in and say that the information was fake. Needless to say, this disappointed many people.

Overwatch 2

Blizzard’s latest version of the game that revolutionized this genre in esports will become available a month from now. We already had access to 2 betas which allowed us to see some of the new things in the game. Aside from the new maps and mode, we also played the two new heroes — Sojourn and Junker Queen.

The first option is a DPS that looks similar to Solider: 76, but includes a couple of unique skills. As for Junker Queen, this is Overwatch 2’s latest tank, a hero that relies a lot on doing damage in order to survive.

The third new hero


According to the official information that we had access to, Overwatch 2 will include three new heroes when it becomes available. Since we already knew the names of the first two, we were eager to learn more about the third one.

There were loads of rumors, but in the end, a leak revealed a hero named Kimiko. People also called it the “Fox Girl” because the leak (see the picture above) included a blue fox. She had bright blue eyes, a large weapon that looked like a shuriken, and purplish hair. 

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Most Overwatch 2 fans believed that the leaks were “legit” because there was a blue fox in OW 2’s trailer a couple of months ago. What’s more, the leak also contained more information about Kimiko’s abilities:

  • Shuriken 

This should’ve been the hero’s primary fire. When used, this weapon deals damage and allows Kimiko to control the weapon’s direction. When it returns to her, it will fill the energy bar, which will allow it to grow in size and hit more units.

  • Secondary Fire option 

The leak revealed that the hero’s second ability would allow it to spend her energy and heal targets in front of her.

  • Fox abilities

The leak on 4chan also revealed that Kimiko would have two abilities related to her fox. The first one allowed the hero to heal her allies that stayed near the fox and also provided them with lifesteal. Furthermore, enemies that stay on the fox’s AoE will also receive damage.

The second ability with the fox allowed Kimiko’s teammates to receive extra movement speed and take reduced damage. Furthermore, this ability also reduced the movement speed of Kimiko’s enemies.

  • Ultimate

According to the leak, the “Fox Girl” had an ultimate that allowed it to summon a nine-tailed fox that prevented enemies from attacking a given target by sending their shots elsewhere. 

  • Passive

Kimiko’s passive ability allowed the hero to jump horizontally after attacking a wall. Furthermore, she was able to climb ledges

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As you can see, these skills definitely made the hero one of the most interesting heroes in the game. Sadly, according to the official developers, the rumors turned out to be false. Of course, we are yet to see whether this will be the case if and when Kimiko becomes available.

What’s next?

After revealing the hero’s abilities, people became even more hyped because everything seemed legit. Neither of Kimiko’s spells looked overpowered on paper, which definitely increased the leak’s credibility. Furthermore, the screenshot itself was of good quality, which definitely had an impact on its trustworthiness.

Usually, Blizzard does not take part in leaks by commenting on them, but this time, the Overwatch team made an exception. It seems like they didn’t want people to have the wrong impression when they started playing the game. 

We'll keep an eye on all popular websites where people share information about upcoming products to see whether someone will reveal Overwatch 2’s newest hero. If that doesn’t happen, it'll be around a month until we see the new hero in action.

Needless to say, Overwatch 2 will also play a crucial role for the esports side, so we expect to see some big tournaments after it drops. Don’t forget to check our Ovewatch betting tips if you want to learn more about what to keep an eye on!

Overwatch 2: The Kimiko (Fox Girl) Leak is Fake
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