Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Overview

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Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Overview

We breakdown everything we know so far about the 34th hero to be released in Overwatch; Junker Queen.

As you may have heard, Overwatch 2 is just around the corner. One of the most expected games in the last couple of years is finally arriving just a few months from now. In October 2022, we will have the chance to play the game for free and have access to all the new things.

Speaking of the devil, OW 2 will contain a lot of new things, such as maps, a battle pass, skins, and heroes. We already had access to one of the heroes called Sojourn, and she is definitely one of the most interesting DPS heroes. With that being said, Blizzard will introduce two new heroes alongside her.

We don’t have much information for one of them, other than a trailer where there was a white fox. However, we already know that the second hero is called Junker Queen and she will be the new tank in Overwatch 2. Even though we are yet to see the hero in action, there is some information about her abilities, so let’s go through them.


This article's main focus will be on Junker Queen’s abilities because they are a lot more interesting than some other things. Unlike most other tanks with shields, this one relies on her movement speed and tons of lifesteal. We are yet to see whether she will be a viable option for certain setups, but by the looks of it, she seems pretty strong.

Commanding Shout

The first ability that Junker Queen will have access to is called Commanding Shout. Even though it has the same name as the ability in WoW, this thing will give JQ 200 HP and 30% movement speed. Even though the MS buff will apply to her allies, the latter will only receive 100 HP as a bonus.

The idea of Commanding Shout is to allow the hero to be more aggressive and kite her enemies. Since she relies on DoTs to deal damage and heal herself, she must dodge some incoming attacks.

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We are yet to see this ability’s cooldown and  AoE, so stay tuned for more information.


Junker Queen’s second ability is called Carnage, and it looks a lot like Reinhardt’s normal attack. Instead of using her classic attack, this thing allows her to get her Axe and swing it. This will deal damage to all targets ahead of her and apply the so-called “wound” effect. 

In other words, the targets will receive a lot of damage and provide Junker Queen with an HoT. We are yet to learn more about the damage output and cooldown, but this ability will be crucial for the tank. Although it may not deal that much damage, it can apply a healing effect, which is really important for her.

Jagged Blade

This is probably Junker Queen’s most impressive ability (aside from her ultimate). As its name suggests, this one is all about her special blade that she can throw and deal damage.

Unless Blizzard decides to change some things, Jagged Balde will have two effects. The first one is passive and will allow the hero to wound her enemies, which will deal damage over time. Don’t forget that this is essential for JQ because it is her primary damage source.

Aside from the passive effect, you will be able to throw the Jagger Balde and deal damage to your opponents. Once you hit a target, you can use it again, and the blade will return to you, damaging everything in its path.

This seems like an exciting AoE ability that should be able to do a lot of damage when needed. Furthermore, it allows the hero to be more dangerous and work well against setups that are grouped. 


Scattergun will be JQ’s primary weapon and the thing she will use the most. It is basically a shotgun that deals damage, but don’t expect a lot from it because she is a tank. We don’t have that much information about this ability, but we don’t expect it to one-shot people. However, it could inflict more damage on targets that are closer to her.

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Adrenaline Rush

Aside from all of the active abilities that allow her to deal DoT, Junker Queen also has a passive skill. Its name is Adrenaline Rush and it gives her the opportunity to heal from damage-over-time effects caused by her wounds. In other words, the more enemies she hits with her abilities that inflict this debuff, the more healing she gets.

Although this ability may not seem that important, it is the thing that makes Junker Queen so special. Since she will be a tank, she will receive a lot of damage and the lack of a shield means she could die in seconds. However, thanks to the healing, she should be able to sustain herself and become harder to kill.


After revealing all the other abilities, it is time to look at Junker Queen’s ultimate. Also known as Rampage, this spell allows the hero to charge forward and deal damage to everything she goes through. What’s more, this damage will prevent her opponents from being healed.

Even though this ult may not be that useful in every scenario, it will probably do wonders against targets that are stacked. Of course, we don’t know whether it pierces barriers and other defensive abilities yet, so this could make a difference.

Besides the DoT, she also wounds her enemies, which means she will receive a lot of healing over time. The fact that the opponents can’t receive any heals will also make a big impact on the fight because JQ’s teammates should be able to kill them very fast.

After sharing more information about the hero’s abilities, we’d also like to remind you that she has 425 HP. This may change in the future, but for now, this puts her somewhere in the middle when it comes down to other tanks.

Even though she can get tons of healing-over-time effects, the lack of a shield means she will only work in specific setups. We are yet to see if they will work.

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Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Overview
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