Overwatch 2: The Best Supports To Climb in Competitive With

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Overwatch 2: The Best Supports To Climb in Competitive With

Climbing the competitive ladder in Overwatch 2 as a Support isn't an easy feat. So, in this guide, we'll help you on your way.

Even though most people play Tank and DPS to reach their desired rank, others prefer to focus on the Support role. It is not easy and requires a lot of practice, but picking the best Overwatch 2 heroes can greatly impact every player’s success. 

While it is true that the meta changes, some heroes continue to be more popular than others, so here are the best Overwatch 2 Support heroes you can get right now.


There is no arguing that Mercy has always been among the top-tier support heroes in Overwatch. She works great with loads of heroes and is a vital part of the team regardless of setup. However, she has one big problem when playing with random people: she depends on her allies.

Even though Mercy can heal and provide tons of extra damage, the hero can’t really carry the game on her own. She needs to have good teammates who know what they’re doing. That’s one of the reasons why we think this Overwatch 2 hero will only work in situations where you’re playing with a friend.

Mercy in Overwatch 2 is similar to before, but there are a couple of new things players have to be aware of. For starters, the hero's passive ability allows her to heal more. There are also some changes to Angelic Descent, making her even harder to kill. Players will also notice a couple of new things about Guardian Angel because this ability now has a meter that charges when it is active.

Overall, Mercy is an excellent hero who can do wonders, assuming her teammates are good.



One of the reasons why Moira is among the most popular Overwatch 2 heroes in the game is her carry potential. This is hands-down the best support hero to use in the lower divisions. Besides her ability to heal her allies, Moira can also deal as much damage as a DPS. This makes her incredibly versatile and dangerous.

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Unlike most other heroes, Moira has a reliable escape mechanism that allows her to play more aggressively. On top of that, this is one of the heroes that can get a fast ultimate charge. Speaking of the devil, the hero’s ult is really strong and can be enough to land a couple of kills.

Moira had loads of new things in Overwatch 2 during the beta. The most notable was a new orb that allowed the hero to deal even more damage. However, the game’s design decision to remove this ability.

Following Overwatch 2 hero changes, Moira only has a couple of nerfs. The most important one is her Healing Orb, which now heals for 250 instead of 300. Fade has a one-second extra cooldown,  and the self-healing from Biotic Grasp is down to 20 per second instead of 24.


Lucio has always been one of the most complex and fun-to-play supports in the game and this is still true in Overwatch 2. His elusiveness and healing capabilities make him one of the best Overwatch 2 support heroes right now.

Even though Lucio is almost the same as in Overwatch, there are two important changes. The first one is Crossfade’s self-healing penalty, which is now 60% instead of 30%. That said, Sound Barrier, one of the best team-fight ultimates in the game, now costs 12% less than before. As a result, the hero can use it more often and counter many of the other big ults in the game.

Despite all of the perks, Lucio might not be a good option for all players. Sadly, he is hard to master, and since tanks do not have as many shields as before, you need to know how to survive. On top of that, the hero’s shots are hard to land, so you may not do any damage, which is not good, even as support.

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That said, top-rated Lucio players can easily carry their team. Although this is not the best healer in the game, he makes up for it by providing loads of other things.


If you’ve played Overwatch 2 a lot since its launch, you’ve probably noticed that Baptiste is one of the most popular heroes in the game. This shouldn’t be surprising because his potential is limitless.

Besides the fact that he heals a lot, Baptiste is also a hero that can save his allies from dying. A well-placed Immortality Field can make some ultimates feel a lot less powerful than they are. 

Another thing that makes Baptiste such a popular option is his incredible mobility and damage output. Even though you will need some time to get used to his shooting animation, once you do that, you can deal a considerable amount of damage. Baptiste also has one of the best team-fight ults in the game that allows heroes like Soldier: 76 and Sojourn to rip through the enemies like a knife through butter.

Baptiste received several Overwatch 2 changes that made the hero even better. His Biotic Launcher deals more damage and has a longer damage falloff. On top of that, the hero’s secondary mode (healing) now has 13 rounds instead of 10, allowing the hero to heal much more than before. 

Finally, Baptiste’s Regenerative Burst now heals for 100 instead of 75, making him even better in AoE healing combos together with heroes like Moira.


Even though we believe those heroes are better than the rest, this doesn’t mean that other Overwatch 2 support heroes are not worth it. On the contrary, they can work in several scenarios, it all depends on the hero’s team and opponents, so always be careful what you pick. Don’t forget that many of the heroes on the list will go through loads of changes, so make sure to stay up to date with everything new related to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: The Best Supports To Climb in Competitive With
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