Overwatch 2: The Best DPS To Climb in Competitive With

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Overwatch 2: The Best DPS To Climb in Competitive With

Climbing the competitive ladder in Overwatch 2 as DPS isn't an easy feat. So, in this guide, we'll help you on your way.

Although some try to rank up using tanks or supports, most players will focus on DPS. Overwatch 2 has one new DPS hero so far, but there are a couple of other heroes from Overwatch that are also worth it. So, let’s learn more about them.

We’ve chosen heroes that we often play against in competitive play. Expect some changes to the list in the upcoming months once Blizzard nerfs some of the DPS.


Many of you might be surprised by the first name on the list, but we believe that Sombra is actually one of the hidden gems right now. This is one of the Overwatch 2 DPS heroes that received a lot of changes in the game. She was not that popular before, but now, you can see her in almost every match.

The thing that makes Sombra really good is her ability to hack faster and even stay in stealth while using this ability. On top of that, her ultimate also deals damage, making her even stronger.

Even though Sombra received a lot of buffs, the hero also has a few nerfs. For example, her Machine Pistol deal 7 damage instead of 8. Hence, she needs more time to kill a target. Fortunately, the hero’s passive ability allows her to deal 40% extra damage to hacked targets.

While it is true that Sombra may not be that popular in every skill bracket, the hero definitely excels in the lower competitive ranks. That’s the main reason why we’ve added it to the list.


Speaking of Overwatch 2 and DPS heroes, we must include the latest addition to the game. Her name is Sojourn, and she seems like a hit-scan, but she actually fires projectiles capable of doing insane amounts of damage. Aside from landing nasty headshots and one-shot laser beams, she can also deal with a lot of AoE damage.

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Sojourn is an excellent option in competitive play because the hero is new, and some people don’t know how to play against her, at least for now. She is similar to Soldier: 76 in a lot of ways. However, it seems like it is easier to hit your targets because her weapon’s recoil is not as harsh as Soldier’s. 

Since this hero is new in Overwatch 2, you will have to spend some time playing before you are ready to go up against others in a ranked match. Ensure you learn to use your secondary fire mode because you can one-shot all squishy targets.

Soldier: 76 

While we are on the topic of the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes for competitive play, we have to mention Solider: 76. Although he has always been a meta hero, he feels powerful in Overwatch 2. This may surprise some of you because the hero’s Pulse Rifle deals 18 instead of 20 damage.

That said, his Tactical Visor can now score headshots, making it way more dangerous. Sadly, the ultimate no longer removes the damage falloff, meaning that you won’t do as much damage if you shoot from a considerable distance.

The only thing you must remember when playing with this hero is that his recoil is slightly different from the one on other heroes. Fortunately, you should be able to learn it in no time because you only need to play a few games.


Genji is one of the DPS heroes that can work in many situations and all sorts of comps, especially in competitive play. His elusiveness and high potential damage output make him stand out in many situations.

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Genji is one of the few heroes in Overwatch 2 that did not receive any changes in the game. This means he is great, but only if you keep an eye on your opponents and their ultimates. The last thing you want to do is to use your Dragonblade when the enemy’s Lucio or Zenyatta have their ults up.

The main problem with Genji is that he is not that easy to master. Although this is one of the best flankers, not everyone knows how to make the most of him.



Lastly, we have Tracer, one of the fastest and most annoying DPS heroes in the game. Her role is similar to Genji’s in many ways because she needs to flank and kill the enemy’s backlines. That said, she is even harder to play because the hero is more fragile and can die in seconds.

There are tons of Overwatch 2 Tracer guides out there, so make sure you check at least a few before you start playing. Tracer deals slightly less damage than before, but the new maps allow her to be even stronger.

Final thoughts

The new 5v5 lineups allow people to be more innovative and try loads of different picks. As a result, every DPS hero can work, depending on the situation. For example, if the enemy team has two tanks, you should definitely get Reaper because this is the best DPS to have versus them. He will do tons of damage and will be almost possible to kill.

Heroes like Widowmaker are also much better than before because she benefits greatly from the new maps. The bad news is that only people who can land headshots can take advantage of her power, so make sure you practice before picking her,

Overwatch 2: The Best DPS To Climb in Competitive With
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