Overwatch 2: The Best Combos to Win in Starwatch

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Overwatch 2: The Best Combos to Win in Starwatch

Listing the strongest Overwatch 2 hero combos for the galactic PvE/PvP game mode.

Overwatch 2's “Starwatch” is the game's latest seasonal event and first PvP hybrid game mode that pits players in a 5v5 struggle for control over the Infinite Galactricus. Here, the Watchers are tasked in rescuing “3CHO” from the clutches of Galactic Emperor Sigma, leader of the Infinite Empire.

The game is played in an altered version of the “Horizon Lunar Colony” map, where players can play on either side. Once in-game, players must fight over 4 control points located throughout the entire base. Each point is protected by a pair of Infinite Empire turrets that must be destroyed before advancing. Gravity Implosion Barrels are also scattered throughout the map which either team can use to bunch up their opponents.

In their latest Overwatch 2 blog announcement, Blizzard said that they would be keeping a tally of battles won by both sides. Whichever side wins the most games – Watchers or Infinite Empire –  will significantly impact the conclusion of the official Starwatch comic book series, and the fate of the galaxy as we know it.

That said, this Overwatch 2 limited-time event is approaching its climax, and if you want to see your side prevail, you'll need all the help you can get. Here are the best hero combos for Starwatch:

Sigma / Mercy

Something wicked this way comes. For the first hero duo on this list, we have the Infinite Seer Mercy and the master of gravity himself, Infinite Emperor Sigma.

Seeing as your playing defense, going with a shield tank is your best bet. What's more is that Mercy's dependable healing can sustain Sigma from a safe distance when he gets collapsed on. And since you can deploy your shields in any direction, you can protect critical teammates from Torbjorn's turret fire or from B.O.B. Finally, damage boosting an ulting Sigma is one of the biggest plays you can make if you want to help dominate in Starwatch. Watcher scum!

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Doomfist / Lucio

One of the most mobile tanks in the game, Bonebreaker Doomfist rips through bunker comps faster than you can say “chivalry”, and if you have a Lucio speed-boosting you along the way, you'll be nearly impossible to crowd control.

Crossfade's wide aura can still support Doomfist while Lucio is preoccupied with his own battles. Furthermore, the Watchers' tank can absorb enemy fire to convert it into temporary HP, which means he can sustain himself against Infinite Empire turrets. Meteor Strike also gives him a great disengage tool. And knowing that the map is basically 4CP, you'll need a ton of sustain to get through this uphill battle, something that Lucio's ultimate can provide.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 Starwatch Genji Counters Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Ashe / Baptiste

Ashe's DPS and AOE damage are great tools to wreck a defending team's frontline. Her ultimate ability is by far her best feature in Starwatch, and B.O.B. gets even better when there's an Amplification Matrix in front of him.

An Ashe / Baptiste combo is a high-skill hero combo for Overwatch 2 in any game, but the payout is massive if you know what you're doing. Getting in position as Ashe can let you mess up the opponent's formation while getting healed from afar by Baptiste. Moreover, while Ashe uses her Coach Gun to evade pursuers, Immortality Field can help get her back in one piece. And finally, Ashe's primary and Baptiste's primary fire work well to shatter enemy shields quickly.

Torbjörn / Winston

Since you're on the offensive, you'll need ample cover if things go south. Considering that Starwatch has a “Revive” mechanic, having a bubble shield around you can buy you enough time to get your overaggressive DPS up.. again. Add a hitscan turret on top of that, and you've got a killer combo with some versatility.

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First off, Winston's ultimate gives him enough mobility and HP to be the best damage soaker. Going full “monke” can be especially helpful to your team when the enemy Soldier: 76 puts on his Tactical Visor. That's not to say that Torb doesn't have some sustain of his own. This Swedish engineer can force enemies out of position with Molten Core or gun them down with his trusty turret when he uses Overload. Placing Winston's barrier down in either case can significantly change the tone of any engagement. It never too late to try again!

In the latest mid-season patch (at this time of writing), Winston receive a lovely buff to his Jet Pack's damage radius. To read all about the biggest Season 4 hero updates, click here.

Soldier: 76 / Bastion

Last on this list is Soldier: 76 and Bastion. And the reasons are fairly obvious.

With both being hitscan Damage heroes, they can deal the fastest amount of hurt, helping both charge their ultimate abilities swiftly. their secondary abilities give them an edge when they need to reposition, but this particular combo shines when they use their ultimate abilities together. Configuration: Artillery launches a mortar strike anywhere on the map and forces enemies to either disengage or reposition. In either case, you're bound to weaken multiple attacking heroes and destroy shields, which can be followed up by Soldier: 76's Tactical Visor. This sounds simple enough to pull off, but keep in mind that timing is crucial in any synergized ultimate.

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Overwatch 2: The Best Combos to Win in Starwatch
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