Overwatch 2 Tank vs Tank Counter – How to Tank Counter as a Tank

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Overwatch 2 Tank vs Tank Counter – How to Tank Counter as a Tank

There is no arguing that the tanks are the most important heroes in Overwatch 2. Blizzard changed many things about them in the new game, which is why they are more important than ever before. 

Heroes like Roadhog have dominated the meta for 2 seasons until they finally received some nerfs a few weeks ago. That said, every Overwatch 2 tank hero can work in certain situations, which is why you need to know what to do against them.,

Playing as a DPS or Support against a tank is complicated, but this is also true when it comes down to the Tank vs Tank setups. Although Overwatch 2 has been around for more than 5 months, some people are not sure what to pick in a specific tank vs tank matchups. Consequently, we’ve decided to share more information on some of the best options for the Overwatch 2 Tank vs Tank setups.

Since the new Overwatch 2 meta favors having 1 tank in the team, knowing what to do against the enemy hero will allow you to win your games much easier. With that said, let’s learn more about everything.

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Following the Overwatch 2 Roadhog nerfs, Orisa is slowly but steadily becoming the hottest pick in the meta. This tank was popular even when Hog had his one-shot combo, but it became the preferred option. Orisa’s tankiness, damage output, OP optimate, and a low-cooldown CC make the hero really strong.

Although Orisa is good against pretty much anything, the hero is less powerful than Zarya. That’s one of the reasons why the latter is becoming more popular by the day.

The reason why Zarya is such a good pick against Orisa is because of the hero’s ability to do damage through the javelin spin. Her Beam pierces Orisa’s defensive ability, allowing her to do much more damage than usual.

Of course, Zatya is also good against this hero because of her bubbles. Despite the nerfs from a few weeks ago, the hero can use the bubbles to avoid Javelin stuns or apply them aggressively and push for a kill.



Even though Ramattra was probably the weakest new hero in Overwatch’s history, things changed after the first minor update. The hero suddenly became one of the best in the game, which explains why we see him a lot more often than before.

When it comes down to the Overwatch 2 Tank vs Tank setup, there are a couple of top-tier heroes that might work against Ramattra. However, following our tests, it seems like Wrecking Ball is the best.

The fact that Ball is the most mobile tank in the game allows him to jump in and out of a fight easily. He can easily dodge Ramattra’s offensive abilities and start the fight that will lead to his kill. 

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Of course, Wrecking Ball can also boom Ramattra or his teammates out of position. We also have to remember that he is one of the tankiest heroes in the game, which means that there is no way for Ramattra to kill him. 


As mentioned, Roadhog was one of the best and most dominant Overwatch 2 tanks in the game. Even though the nerfs affected his overall damage output, the hero is still strong, especially in certain steups. Fortunately, a couple of tanks can deal with him, and Sigma is one of them.

What’s interesting about this Overwatch 2 tank vs tank setup is that Sigma can use his shield to block Hog from doing damage. What’s more, this ability can also disrupt Hog’s hook.

In addition to Sigma, Rein is a good option against Hog. His damage output in close range is second to none, and he is one of the tankiest heroes in the game. Moreover, he can also disrupt Hog’s hook, which means his combo won’t be helpful. 

Wrecking Ball


When it comes down to tanks in Overwatch 2, it is safe to say that Wrecking Ball is in a league of his own. The hero is extremely mobile, can deal a lot of damage, and is almost impossible to kill. Fortunately, he has some counters, and it seems like Roadhog is one of them.

Even though this tank won’t be able to land a kill, he can use his hook to catch Ball when he is out of potion. Doing this will give Roadhog’s teammates enough time to do as much damage as possible and (possibly) land a kill. 

Besides Hog, there aren’t really any other Overwatch 2 tanks that work well against Ball. His mobility and tankiness mean that even heroes who do a lot more damage than him can’t take advantage of their offensive capabilities.


Junker Queen


Hog’s nerfs didn’t appeal to some players, but those who liked Junker Queen were happy with the changes. The latter received several small buffs in the last month, which definitely made her more popular. However, this doesn’t mean she does not have any counters, especially when it comes down to the tank vs tank Overwatch 2 matchups.

Speaking of Roadhog, it seems like he continues to be the best hero against Junker Queen. Hog has more HP, way more sustain, and he even deals more damage. Sure, JQ’s Ult and Carnage can be nasty, but Hog can usually tank them. What’s more, he can even hook JQ while channeling her ultimate.



There are several heroes that are good against D.Va, but Zarya is definitely on another level. D.Va is one of the Overwatch 2 tanks that can carry her team on her own, but Zarya is definitely a big counter. The latter can deal damage through Defensive Matrix, and her bubbles allow her to soak almost all of D.Va’s damage. 

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The bubbles are so good that they can even block D.Va’s ult.



When it comes down to Doomfist, everyone knows that Orisa is the best hero against him. She can counter his defenses, do a lot more damage than him, and force him to go out of position. What’s more, Orisa is way tankier, which means that there is almost no way for Doomfirst to kill Orisa unless he lands an environmental kill on some maps.



Winston is one of the stable Overwatch 2 picks because he can work in many situations. Even though he is good against pretty much anything, heroes like Roadhog are a bit hard to deal with, especially if they’re good with the hook. 

Winston relies on his shield and mobility to do damage and survive. However, Roadhog can mess up his plans by hooking him. The same is true for Junker Queen because she can use her knife. What’s more, she also deals a lot more damage, which means that Winston needs to kite her.



It seems like Orisa dominates the Overwatch 2 tank vs tank matchups because the hero is also really good against Reinhardt. Sure, Rein deals a lot of damage, but Orisa can be incredibly tanky, and she’s also capable of doing tons of damage.

Another important thing to remember about this matchup is that Orisa can burn Rein’s shield really fast. The hero can also use the Javelin to push Rein away and even land a mini stun that can be enough for Orisa’s team to land a kill.



If we take a look at some of the best Overwatch 2 heroes in the current meta, we can see that Sigma is definitely among them. He is strong against pretty much anything, but there are a couple of heroes he is not that good against.

Perhaps the most notable one is Rein. Sure, he is not that mobile, but he is way tankier and can shorten the distance between him and his target. Once he comes close, he can easily rip through Sigma because of his damage output.



Finally, we have one of the best Overwatch 2 tank counters in the game. As we’ve seen so far, Zarya is almost as good as Orisa when it comes down to the tank vs tank matchups. However, there are certain heroes that she’s not that good against, such as Winston.

Winston may not have enough damage to land a kill, but he can bully Zarya and force her to use defensive cooldowns. What’s more, his mobility means that the Zarya won’t be able to kill him.

Overwatch 2 Tank vs Tank Counter – How to Tank Counter as a Tank
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