Overwatch 2: Confirmed Competitive Mode Changes & More

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Overwatch 2: Confirmed Competitive Mode Changes & More

With Overwatch 2, Season 3 right around the corner, we go over the confirmed competitive mode changes and more!

We are just a couple of days away from the arrival of Overwatch 2, Season 3. As mentioned in some of our previous articles, we won’t see a new hero. However, in addition to the new map and (supposedly) new game mode, Blizzard confirmed that there would be changes to the Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode.

According to Overwatch Cavalry on Twitter, a blog post will soon reveal all of the changes to the ranked system. It seems like Blizzard finally listened to its fans because the new system will be based on players’ feedback. We’ve also learned that there won’t be any plans to revert to the Overwatch 1 model, which is strange because this is one of the players asked for. 

Until we have access to the blog post that will reveal the changes, we can only speculate as to what is to come. For example, we wouldn’t be surprised if Overwatch 2 requires you to win less than 7 games to rank up.

What we're expecting in Season 3

There might be updates to the rank and MMR 

One of the problems that some Overwatch 2 players go through is that they don’t believe their rank represents their actual MMR. Many people who play the game are convinced that their MMR is much higher than their current rank, which explains why others always complain that matches seem unfair. 

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Although we don’t know whether this will be one of the changes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard decides to address this in the upcoming Competitive Mode update. This system might work differently because it may boost your rank a lot, but you may also have problems reaching the next rank if you start losing when playing against people higher than you.

Potentially shorter games

The changes to the Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode will affect players in many ways. In addition to the changes to the ranks and MMR, there were rumors on Reddit that Blizzard may decide to make the Competitive matches shorter. This might be a double-edged sword, but it will appeal to a lot of people.

Whether you would agree with these changes or not, it is clear that shorter content in any form is way more popular now than ever before. Due to things such as YouTube shorts and TikTok, most people can’t focus as much on digital content as before. Although it is an esport, Overwatch 2 also falls into this category, so having access to shooter games may motivate people to play more.

If Blizzard decides to add this to Overwatch 2, it will be interesting to see whether it will affect the games' quality. Once again, this is just pure speculation because we do not know what will happen in the future. 

What Season 3 won’t give us access to

Tournament Mode, Map Selection, or GHero Drafts


There were a lot of rumors about the thing that we will get in Season 3. Although we will have to wait and see which of them will be correct, Jared Neuss recently confirmed that we wouldn’t see a couple of the things that people were really interested in.

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According to a tweet, Tournament Mode, Map Selection, and hero Drafts won’t be among the new things that we will have access to in Season 3. This will undoubtedly disappoint a lot of players because some have been rooting for these things for months. Sadly, it seems like we will have to wait for at least a couple of months before they become available.

Junker Queen will get a statute on all ILIOS maps

Following the Battle for Olympus Overwatch 2 event that became available several weeks ago, the Zeus Junker Queen won the competition. As you know, Blizzard announced that the hero with the most kills would receive a status on all Ilios maps. Although some people expected Widowmaker to win, Junker Queen finished first with around 43M kills.

Interestingly, Pharah came second with around 40.8M kills, whereas Lucio is third with 32M. Don’t worry, Blizzard will probably give us access to many more events in the future, so your favorite hero will get the chance to receive a statue.

We will make sure to follow the latest news regarding Overwatch 2 and let you know when there is something new. As mentioned, Season 3 is just a few days away, and we can’t wait to see everything new. Hopefully, heroes like Roadhog will finally receive the needed nerfs.

Overwatch 2: Confirmed Competitive Mode Changes & More
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