Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

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Overwatch 2: Strongest Heroes in Season 11

Our rankings on the strongest heroes boost your win rate within Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2's ever-shifting meta decides which heroes become viable in a season. While balance changes provide major buffs and nerfs, subtle changes are often missed. And sometimes, the strongest heroes are the ones that get left out of a patch.

With those in mind, let's look at the strongest heroes in Season 11, and how you can win more matches with them!

Strongest Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 11

Season 11 is coming up soon, so reach your highest competitive rank fast with these insanely powerful meta picks!


Sigma's kit makes him the most dependable tank of the season.

With powerful self-sustain, crowd-control abilities (or cc) and a devastating ultimate that deals half of an enemy's total HP, Sigma is the strongest tank on this list.


Speed, aggression and constant cc make Talon's leader a force to be reckoned with.

Not only is Doom extremely fun to play, but his ultimate has also been reworked to make his learning curve less steep. That said, he's an extremely effective hero when you juggle his cooldowns correctly.

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Samoa's prodigal son shreds enemies with blazing-fast firepower. He can also help keep his team alive while zoning/isolating high-value targets with Cage Match.

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If your team is getting harassed by pesky dive champs, Winston is always a favorable pick.

His bubble shield is the perfect tool for covering your team's retreat. On top of that, flankers won't get any value when Winston protects the backline. And his boosters let you be everywhere at once.

Strongest Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 11


This mischievous wastelander blows the competition out of the water with his newly improved Frag Launcher.

Junkrat has always been one of the best DPS heroes for Defense. And now, his direct hits can eliminate a medium-HP hero in just two shots.

Soldier: 76

With the recent buffs on heroes like Hanzo, Echo and Wrecking Ball, you'll need a consistent, self-reliant DPS with a lot of great mobility.

Enter Soldier: 76, a badass Damage hero that can clean up a vulnerable enemy team in just one ultimate. Although he hasn't received a buff in a while, this grizzled soldier still packs enough punch to force enemies to counterplay.

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Arguably the most powerful Damager hero on our list, Sombra's new kit disables abilities while dealing increased damage-over-time. This world-class hacker also has the best disengage tool in the game and reliable DPS with her SMG.

Good Sombra players force entire opposing teams to re-evaluate their comp. So if the Ana you've been focusing changes to a Moira, you're doing something right.

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Strongest Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 11


Ana's versatility and skill curve makes her one of the toughest heroes to play. But landing your shots right with this hero can save a losing game.

Prevent enemy healing by throwing her Frag Grenade, or take the Tank out of the fight with Sleep Dart. If the Ana on your team is good, expect a swift win.


The classic healer archetype never fails. Mercy's mobility lets her reposition to where she's needed, her healing output is insane as well as her damage boost, which comes in clutch during heated teamfights.

On top of that, her Valkyrie mode improves everything about her kit. So there's little reason why you shouldn't pick her when you're in a bind.

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DPS Healer Moira mains can attest to her power level right now. The Irish scientist seemingly blends damage and team heals. She's also extremely intuitive, so if you're new to Ranked, Moira is a great choice for keeping your team alive while upping your DPS against that energetic Genji.


As far as healers go, Kiriko's kit trumps them all simply because of her Suzu. This one ability cleanses negative status effects like anti-heal and burning, makes teammates temporarily immune, and heals them in the process.

Notably, Kiriko's verticality lets you reposition to heal your team from a safe distance. Just make sure you don't stray too far.

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