Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes

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Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes

Overwatch 2 Season 8 is about to end around two weeks from now. Here are the most successful heroes you should use until then.

We are slowly but steadily approaching the end of Overwatch 2 Season 8. Following the mid-season update, the balance of power shifted, and some names became a lot more popular than others.

Unless something changes, the Overwatch 2 Season 8 will come to an end on February 13. Considering you have two more weeks of action, this Overwatch 2 tracker will show you which are the most successful heroes right now. Picking them should increase your chances of winning, so let’s dive in. Keep in mind we are using the data from Competitive Play on PC.


The crown for the most successful hero, according to the Overwatch 2 Tracker, goes to Brigitte. Two weeks before the end of Overwatch 2 Season 8, the hero has close to a 55% win rate, which is very impressive for a Support hero.

If we have to be fair, Brigitte has been dominating the meta for some time now. We did not expect this to happen because she received a small nerf at the beginning of Season 8 of Overwatch 2. Her Whip Shot damage got nerfed from 80 to 70, but it seems like this was not enough.

Brigitte did not get any changes in the next couple of smaller updates, which has led to where she is today. There are a lot of popular brawl setups in Season 8, so it’s no surprise the hero is dominating the meta right now. 

The bad news for all Brigitte players is that we believe she will be one of the first names to receive nerfs in Season 9. Considering the upcoming Overwatch Championship Series, Blizzard will make sure that all overpowered heroes are nerfed, so it will be interesting to see what will happen with Brigitte.

Junker Queen

Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes

Even though Junker Queen was one of the underrated tanks of Overwatch 2 Season 8, the hero slowly but steadily rose to the top. There were times when Rein was the most successful tank, but if we analyze the data, we can see that Junker Queen leads the chart. At the time of writing, the hero has close to a 54% win rate. This is exactly 1% more than the next tank on the list, so Junker Queen is clearly on another level. 

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Again, the big reason why this hero dominates the meta is the popularity of the brawl combos. Having Junker Queen and Brigitte in the same team is very common across all skill brackets, and for a good reason. The two heroes are dominating, so it’s no surprise that people pick them all the time.

Similar to the potential Brigitte nerfs, following our Overwatch 2 tracker overview, we expect to see the same for this hero. Season 9 in Overwatch 2 will offer us a lot of new things, and it’s safe to say the community is looking forward to a fresh meta.


The second most popular support in the Overwatch 2 Season 8 Meta right now is Lucio. According to our trusty Overwatch 2 tracker, the hero’s current win rate is 53.12%, which is a lot better than the next support on the list. 

Lucio is one of those heroes you want to have in your team, no matter the meta. He is really strong in many situations, especially in brawl setups. When used correctly, his team can be extremely aggressive, so you can imagine what’s happening with Junker Queen and Brigitte in a team.

Something to remember before picking Lucio is that the hero is not as easy to play as Brigitte. Sure, using your ultimate is not that difficult, but navigating around the map and positioning is not easy, especially against another brawl setup.


Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes

The next name on the list regarding the most successful Overwatch 2 heroes in Season 8 is Sigma. According to the Overwatch 2 tracker, he is the second-best tank you can have because his win rate is 53%. Albeit a bit less potent than Junker Queen, Sigma actually works really well in different setups.

He is definitely not the best option to get in a brawl setup, but when it comes down to tactics, such as Poke, Sigma is King. The only bad news here is that Widowmaker and Hanzo are not the best heroes in the current meta. In fact, they are among the least successful DPS heroes to get, so many players are trying to use Sigma in other drafts.

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Another thing that Sigma is good at is doing damage. Despite the fact that he is a tank, Sigma’s damage output is almost as good as that of Junker Queen. However, unlike her, this tank also has a big shield, making him the better option.


The next name on the list and the 5th most successful hero in Overwatch 2 Season 8 is Reinhardt. Those who’ve kept an eye on the Overwatch 2 tracker probably remember that Rein used to be the best tank early on. However, some nerfs and buffs to other names made him the third-best option, with around a 52.50% win rate.

Rein falls somewhere in the middle between JQ and Sigma. He is pretty good at brawling and cam also be a solid pick for poke combos. Some people may even consider him an option for a dive setup, but the latter is dominated by Winston.

In addition to his insane tank potential, Rein is also among the heroes with the highest damage. He may not be effective at longer ranges, but his hammer is deadly versus any opponent near him.


Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes

The last name we want to include on the Overwatch 2 Season 8 most successful hero list is Mei. Even though some of you may find it hard to believe. Mei is the most successful DPS in the game right now. Her win rate is 52.27%, slightly higher than Symmetra, which is usually on top.

Mei is one of the Overwatch 2 heroes who have gone through several big changes in the last couple of years. Her current version is similar to the one in the original Overwatch, and by the looks of it, it is better than the previous one. Mei’s win rate increased by more than 6% from Season 7, so we have yet to see if Blizzard will step up and nerf her.

Overwatch 2 Season 8: Most Successful Heroes
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