Overwatch 2 Mid Season Patch (Season 8) Release Date

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Overwatch 2 Mid Season Patch (Season 8) Release Date

The Overwatch 2 mid season patch is due to arrive soon, according to a Twitter post. Here’s what you need to know

Usually, the Overwatch mid season patch is highly anticipated because it brings the much-needed buffs and nerfs to the meta. Every season has at least one of them, and Overwatch 2 Season 8 is not an exception. We are yet to see the Overwatch 2 mid patch in action, but according to the news, it is just around the corner.

The current Overwatch 2 meta is strange because Mauga continues to dominate the meta. Despite the Mauga nerf, the hero is one of the top-tier picks across all skill brackets, which is why the devs said that they would address it. We know that you want to learn everything about the OW2 mid season patch before it becomes available, so let’s see what we expect to see.

Overwatch 2 Mid Season Patch (Season 8) – When Will It Be Available?

According to a tweet from Overwatch Cavalry, the Overwatch mid season patch should arrive on 13 January this year. If the rumors are true, the update will be global, meaning it will become available across all regions. Speaking of regions, we have a dedicated article about the Overwatch serves and their location and why they are important, so be sure to check them out.

What’s important to remember about the Overwatch 2 mid season patch should be available to both console and PC players. Those who want to use a PC can actually pre-download the new update. This will allow them to have it up and running as soon as it becomes available.  How to pre-download the Overwatch mid season patch?

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To get the Overwatch mid season patch, players need to:

  • Open Batte.net and login.
  • Head over to “Games”, followed by “Overwatch 2” and find the option to download the pre-released content.

Once you start downloading the new update, you just need to wait until Blizzard decides to release it to the public. Since you have it on your PC, there is no need to download anything again.

What can we expect to see in the Overwatch 2 mid season update?

Considering the current meta, one of the things we expect to see in the mid-seasonal Overwatch 2 update is changes to Mauga. Despite the nerfs that the hero received a few weeks ago, they were not enough to push him out of the meta. In fact, a lot of people still think that Blizzard has made the hero so powerful on purpose just so users can purchase the Premium Battle Pass.

According to Alec Dawson, the Overwatch 2 team has taken notes regarding Mauga’s power and the team will bring the needed nerfs. While it is true the hero needs some changes, we hope that they will not “kill” him because he is fun to play and it will be sad to see him go away.

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In terms of the changes we expect to see, the list consists of survivability nerfs, ammo nerfs, and more. In fact, Alec Dawnson even said that “changes may be harder than what’s necessiry”  because, according to him, the OW team wants to be on the safe side.

Besides nerfs, the Overwatch mid season patch will also bring buffs to certain heroes. If the rumors are true, we expect to see some positive changes to Illari, the latest Overwatch 2 support. The hero was very powerful when it became available, and Blizzard nerf it a few times, but it seems like the team is not happy with her performance. Make sure to follow us to learn more about everything new.

Overwatch 2 Mid Season Patch (Season 8) Release Date
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