Overwatch 2 Season 2 Meta Expectations

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Overwatch 2 Season 2 Meta Expectations

Overwatch 2 became available around two months ago, meaning that Season 1 is slowly coming to an end. In fact, Blizzard recently released a video that shows most of the things we can expect to find in Season 2. Unsurprisingly, there will be a new hero, a new map, new game modes, and tons of cosmetic items. You can learn more about the changes here.


A few days before we learned more about the upcoming Season 2 in Overwatch 2, Blizzard announced their mid-season update. As expected, it features several notable hero changes that had an impact on the meta. Even though some heroes we expected to receive nerfs somehow survived, others weren’t so lucky. Unsurprisingly, some players were affected by the changes and had to adapt.

Although we are not sure whether the arrival of Season 2 will include any changes in the first couple of days, the fact that there will be a new hero called Ramattra means that we might see some changes. With that said, we’d like to share our meta expectations and point out a few heroes that you will most likely have to focus on.


Unsurprisingly, we think that the newest Overwatch 2 hero will be one of the go-to options for players who want to reach their desired rank. We’ve seen his skill set, and it is safe to say that he looks really strong, especially against some lineups. In fact, some of his abilities seem too strong, so we expect to see nerfs a couple of days after his release.

Speaking of the devil, every new hero in Overwatch 2 has been really strong, so we don’t see why Ramattra won’t fall into this category. In case you’ve forgotten, Junker Queen was on another level in the first couple of days after the game’s official release. However, Blizzard nerfed almost all of her abilities, which made her significantly less popular.


Unless Blizzard decides to nerf the hero to the ground, Roadhog will continue to be one of the top-tier heroes in S2 of Overwatch 2. He is tough to deal with and can kill almost anyone in a 1v1 scenario. Roadhog’s hook allows him to deal with annoying DPS and his high HP means he can tank a lot of damage.

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That said, we are yet to see whether Hog will be able to deal with Ramattra. By the looks of it, the new Overwatch 2 thank will be able to do a lot of damage, but he won’t have any big bursts. This is good news for Roadhog because the hero is the only tank with a reliable way to heal himself (Junker Queen also has this option, but she needs to do damage). Furthermore, Hog is one of the most dangerous heroes when it comes down to close-range combat, so he should be able to deal with Ramattra.


At the time of writing this article, which is just a few days before Season 1 is over, Sojourn is among the few S-Tier DPS heroes in Overwatch 2. Despite some nerfs, the hero is exceptionally strong. People who know how to play with Sojourn can win games with little to no effort because she deals too much damage.

Unless Blizzard decides to nerf her, there is no arguing that she will continue to dominate Competitive play. What’s interesting about Sojourn is that she is among the few heroes that can do really well in low-rated and high-rated games. That said, top-tier Overwatch 2 players who hit their Right Mouse Click consistently make the hero feel overpowered, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the nerfs are just around the corner.


If you’ve read some of our previous Overwatch 2 articles, you already know that Luciò is one of the hottest heroes in the game right now. He isn’t easy to play, but once you master him, you can carry your team to success. Besides healing and providing a lot of movement speed, you can also do an insane amount of damage for Support. 

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Lucio is one of the Overwatch heroes that rarely receive any major changes, so we don’t expect Blizzard to nerf him for Season 2. In other words, this will probably continue to be one of the best heroes you can get if you want to win your games.

What’s interesting about Lucio is that the hero should work well with Ramattra. The latter looks similar to Rein in some ways, so the extra movement speed will allow him to be more dangerous. Of course, we are yet to see whether this will be the case.


The changes that Overwatch 2 introduced to the game made tanks much more powerful. What’s more, the fact that we play in a 5v5 format makes tanks even more important because they have a key role in their team. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that we have another representative for this role – Winston.

Besides being easy to pick up, Winston is hard to kill unless you jump into the entire enemy team. The hero has one of the most substantial barriers in Overwatch 2, and he can do a lot of damage, especially once you learn to use his combo. Since Blizzard rarely changes Winston, we expect him to be as strong in Season 2 as he is now. Hence, he will be one of the go-to options when it comes down to tanks.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch 2 Season 2 will be exciting because Blizzard has prepared tons of new things for us. Don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner, meaning that we will have even more special skins and mini-events. Make sure to follow us for more information regarding Overwatch because we will make sure to provide you with all of the latest details.

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Meta Expectations
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