Overwatch 2 Ranking Tips – Here’s how to succeed

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Overwatch 2 Ranking Tips – Here’s how to succeed

If you’re wondering how to reach Grandmaster as fast as possible, this article will help you achieve your goal.

After covering some of the Overwatch 2 combos to focus on in Season 4, it is time to share ranking tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage. Almost all heroes are pretty good in the current meta, so it is the perfect time to reach your desired rank. 

Speaking of heroes, some are stronger than others, so you should keep an eye on our hero tier list to find out which options are better. Once you decide what to focus on, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Tip #1 – Choose Your Target Carefully

Overwatch 2 Best Genji Counters Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The first of the Overwatch 2 ranking tips that will allow you to improve your results is to know which targets to focus on. Although this will mostly apply to DPS players, Tanks and Supports also need to know what they’re doing to be effective. Focusing on the wrong target can be devastating for you and your team because it will give you enough space for your opponents to kill you.

Your priority target will be different, depending on what you focus on. For example, heroes like Reaper can dominate in a close matchup against most tanks, so they can focus on doing more damage. However, heroes like Widowmaker have to try and pick off a strong healer from the enemy team because this will give her squad a solid advantage.

Tip #2 – Know when to engage

The next of the important Overwatch 2 ranking tips will also apply mostly to DPS players, especially those who like going to sneaky spots on some maps. If you are among them and you see the enemy heroes coming towards you, you need to know when to engage so you don’t ruin your cover.

There might be situations where it is better to wait for a few seconds until you have multiple opponents next to you so you can kill all of them. However, if you feel you can only kill one hero, try bringing him down as fast as possible.

Tip #3 – Do not use all of your offensive abilities when an enemy has popped a defensive cooldown

The hero Zarya deploys one of her Particle Barriers to survive a sentry barrage from an enemy Bastion

One of the most common reasons people do not rank up to the likes of Grandmaster is because they do not know when to use their abilities. We’ve seen it countless times in Season 3 and Season 4, especially against the likes of Zarysa and Orisa. These 2 tanks have amazing defensive cooldowns, but this doesn’t even some people from using their offensive cooldowns when the tanks have them.

Therefore, one of the key Overwatch 2 ranking tips you should remember is to wait until these CDs are over and then use yours. Doing this will make you way more effective at killing a specific target.

Tip #4 – Pick the best heroes in the game

Even though some of you may think that this goes without saying, there are tons of Overwatch 2 Season 4 players that do not pick the best heroes in the game right now. Instead of spamming the top-tier DPS, Supports, and Tanks, they pick random characters that are just not worth it.

Sure, every hero in the game can work in a specific situation, but some names are better in a given meta than others. Tracer, for example, is among the strongest character in a dive combo and one of the best overall DPS. So, there is no point in picking heroes like Sombra when Tracer does the same thing a lot better.

Tip #5 –  Keep track of your enemy’s movement

The hero Tracer from Overwatch

Another crucial tip for ranking in Overwatch 2 Season 4 is to keep track of enemies and their movement. This seems easy, but it is not, especially when your opponents are playing with some of the most mobile heroes, such as Genji or Tracer.

Keeping track of their movement will allow you to be prepared for what is ti come. You should always try to be at least one step ahead of your competitors because this will give you the edge in a fight.

Tip #6 – Think about how you can escape an engagement

When talking about the Overwatch 2 ranking tips you can use in Season 4, one of the things people forget is to have an escape plan. Some players assume that there is no need for one because they can go “all in”, kill everyone and go back. However, this never happens and even the slightest mistake can put your “quest” to an end.

To save yourself from this situation, you should always have an escape plan. This means you should save certain abilities or know where to go in case things go your way.

Of course, some Overwatch 2 heroes are much easier to escape with than others because they have amazing defensive cooldowns. Tracer, for example, can use her Recall and go back, whereas Orisa has a strong defensive ability. 

Every hero is different, so there isn’t a universal formula for how to escape. So, pay attention to your team, the map, and the opponent you have to go against.

Tip #7 – Ideally, you need to have a hero pool


Even though some people may think that playing more heroes in Overwatch 2 is cool, in reality, this can lead to problems when you want to rank (unless you are one of the best OW players in the world). Consequently, one of the Overwatch 2 ranking tips that will help you is to “clear” your hero pool and focus only on a couple of options.

Whether you’re playing Tank, DPS, or Healer, you can always find heroes that work well in most matchups and maps. Therefore, you should start using them more often. 

Overwatch 2 Ranking Tips – Here’s how to succeed
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