Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: Everything You Need to Know

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Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: Everything You Need to Know

Find out how Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked is going to change the Quick Play mode in the game

Overwatch 2 Quick Play is changing! Well, for some time at least! Blizzard has announced the Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked promo, which will temporarily change the standard mode of the game. Quick Play has traditionally been the go-to mode for casual Overwatch 2 players since it offers a chance to enjoy genuine Overwatch fun without worrying about ranks. Blizzard now plans to provide players with a completely new Quick Play experience, and if the experiment proves successful, it may lead to some permanent changes.

Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: When Is It Happening?

Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked is a limited-time event that will take place over the weekend. It will be in effect till January 14.

Is Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked A One-Time-Only Event?

Blizzard has hinted at future renditions of the event, as it has mentioned in its blog post that it is going to be the “first” Quick Play Hacked promo. The specifics of upcoming iterations of these modified Overwatch 2 Quick Play modes are unknown at this moment, but we believe that adjustments in the next installment are likely to reflect the community's reaction to the first Quick Play Hacked campaign.

“We want to explore new and fun ways to change core Quick Play gameplay. Changes will happen periodically and only for a limited time,” Blizzard said in the post.

Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: What Changes Are Coming?

Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: Everything You Need to Know

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Sombra is hijacking Quick Play and transforming it into “Quick Play: Hacked – Quicker Play.” Yes, you have guessed it right! Just as the name implies, everything will happen at a much-accelerated pace. The total match time has been reduced, respawns will come faster, and payloads will move quicker. Here are the key changes:

  • Respawn times have been reduced to 75% of their original duration.
  • Payloads on Escort and Hybrid maps will now move at a 60% increased speed.
  • The speed of capturing the Objective Point in Hybrid has been increased by 40% from its regular rate.
  • Capturing the objective point in Control is now 40% quicker than the standard pace, and scoring the capture progress percentage is accelerated by 80%.
  • In Flashpoint mode, achieving control of the objective point has been increased by 20% in speed, and the scoring of the capture progress percentage is now 40% faster.
  • When playing an Escort, Hybrid, or Push map, the starting match duration has been diminished to 70% of its original time, and any time extensions are likewise reduced to 70% of the total additional time.
  • These modifications are exclusive to Role Queue and Open Queue Quick Play modes throughout the event and will revert to standard settings after January 14. Competitive Play and Arcade modes will remain unaffected by these adjustments.

Can You Skip Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked?

Blizzard’s sudden decision to launch this experimental game mode did not go down well with many Overwatch 2 players. If you are not looking forward to disrupting your regular Quick Play routine, we have some bad news for you! You cannot skip the Quick Play Hacked campaign if you crave some Quick Play action over the next few days. The best thing you can do, therefore, is to wait it out.

Overwatch 2 Quick Play Hacked: Everything You Need to Know
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