Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

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Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

Have you wondered which are the most successful Overwatch 2 heroes in mid Season 7? Let’s learn more about them.

A lot of things happened in the Overwatch 2 universe following the mid-season update from around weeks ago. Besides the nerfs and buffs, we also had the chance to watch BlizzCon, where we learned that Overwatch 2 will have a new hero called Mauga. With that said, Overwatch 2 Season 7 is still on, and a lot of people want to do everything they can to reach the rank they want to. Consequently, we are about to look at the stats and cover some of the most successful Overwatch 2 heroes so far.

Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7  – Torbjorn

Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

Starting with the DPS pick, the stats reveal that Torb is the most successful DPS hero in Overwatch 2 Season 7 right now. The stats provided by Overbuff reveal the hero’s win rate is around 52.50%, which is slightly more than the number 2 on our list and a bit more than the rest. 

There are a lot of reasons why this hero is really right now because of his consistent damage. This seems to be very important in the current meta, which explains why he and Symmeta are among the best.

Currently, Torb can work in a lot of setups in Overwatch 2 Season 7. We had the chance to play with him when Mauga was still available, and it is safe to say that this hero is also good against the tank.

With that said, we need to remember that Torb received some nerfs recently that had an effect on his success rate. One of the reasons why he is among the Overwatch2 most successful heroes in mid season 7 is because he is good against dive setups.


Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

As mentioned, the number 2 on the list of the Overwatch 2 most successful heroes in mid Season 7 goes to Symmetra. She is as strong as Torb in the current meta, especially when playing on the defense. However, Symmetra has one huge advantage over Torb – her Teleporter. If she and her team are playing as one, it is tough to do anything because they can surprise their opponents from all angles. That’s one of the reasons why Symmetra is the go-to DPS hero in some of the higher skill brackets.

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Moving on from the Overwatch 2 DPS, if we take a look at the stats for support heroes, we can see that the number 1 spot is for Illari. Despite the several nerfs the hero went through, she continues to be one of the preferred options. In addition to the high pick rate, Illari also has the highest competitive win rate at 53.63%, almost 2% higher than the second slot on the list.

Illari is a lot harder to master after the nerfs because you have to have a better aim to be successful. Moreover, the higher cooldown on her main ability also means you must be more careful when playing. Despite all of those things, the stats reveal that she is among the Overwatch 2 most successful heroes in mid Season 7.


The next slot for the top-tier supports in the current meta is for Brigitte. She is one of those Overwatch 2 support that has always been strong, but the problem is that she only works in specific matchups. The most recent buffs definitely had an effect on her popularity and explained why her win rate suddenly jumped to around 52%.

Brigitte is important in the current patch because she offers reliable defensive cooldowns, something that a lot of other supports are lacking. Of course, we need to remember that Brigitte is also the queen of the brawl setup, so she will always work well with the likes of Reinhardt. We also think that she is a solid pick to have with Mauga, so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen once the tank becomes available.

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Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

Moving to Tanks, the list of Overwatch 2 most successful heroes in mid Season 7 list reveals that the first place goes to Doomfirst. It might be hard to believe because he is one of the heroes with the highest skill cap. However, the stats show that his win rate is around 52%, which is slightly more than the next option on the list.

Doomfirst, like other popular heroes, received small nerfs in the last Overwatch 2 patch that affected his minimum and maximum wall stun duration. However, this was not enough to remove him from the meta because he works extremely well in a variety of setups. Doomfist greatly benefits from the support nerfs, and he deals enough damage to be annoying, especially against low HP targets.

The only problem with Doomfirst is that he is hard to master. You will need to invest a lot of time into him, but once you learn how he works, you should be able to dominate the current meta.

Junker Queen

Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7

While talking about donating the current meta, the second-best Overwatch 2 tank right now (according to stats) is Junker Queen. She is one of the options that fit well in the meta because of her crazy damage output. Moreover, she has a much smaller hitbox compared to other tanks, which is a huge plus when playing against certain enemies.

At the time of writing this article, Junker Queen had around a 51.82% win rate, which makes her almost as good as Doomfirst. With that said, she is much easier to master than the latter and can be more useful in certain setups.

It is also worth knowing that Rampage feels a bit better now than it was a few weeks ago. The ultimate did not get any buffs or nerfs, but the nerfs to some support heroes give an indirect buff to Junker Queen’s ultimate.

Overwatch 2 Most Successful Heroes In Mid Season 7
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