Overwatch 2 Mid Season 4 Meta – Best Heroes to Get

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Overwatch 2 Mid Season 4 Meta – Best Heroes to Get

Here’s what to keep in mind about the best heroes right now.

After waiting for a bit, the mid-season update in Overwatch 2 Season 4 is finally here. The patch notes include a lot of interesting changes to some of the most popular heroes. With that said, it also buffed a few names that we didn’t see as often as we wanted to.

Speaking of buffs, this Overwatch 2 mid-season 4 article will go over some of the best heroes you should get in the current meta. It seems like we will be playing on this patch for a while, so here are a couple of names that stand out.


support hero changes

Even though this is not one of the heroes that received that many changes in the Overwatch 2 mid-season 4 meta, the hero continues to be among the best. Hence, we believe she is one of the best heroes to get in the current meta regarding supports.

Brigitte now has a couple of hero-specific options. Starting with her Aim Sensitivity, it is set to 100% by default. The same applies to her aim sense. Furthermore, the Repair Pack UI is also on default.

Although those things may not seem that important, in reality, they allow Brigitte to be way more effective. The hero shines in a variety of setups, including all sorts of brawl combos that are pretty big in the current meta. Speaking of the meta, make sure to check our Ranking tips if you need more information about which heroes to get. 


Overwatch 2 Season 4 Patch Notes

When talking about some of the best heroes to get in Overwatch 2 Season 4 after the mid-season update, we need to mention Echo. The latter wasn’t that popular prior to the new patch because the hero was just not that good. It seems like Blizzard realized it, which explains why it received several noticeable changes.

The most important one is related to Echo’s Duplicate, which is the hero’s ultimate. Following the nerfs in Overwatch 2, this ult didn’t feel nearly as strong as before. However, the new patch reduced its cost by 25%, meaning Overwatch 2 Echo players will be able to use it much more frequently.

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Speaking of ults, the generation decreased from 5.5 to 4x while Duplicate is active, which means that the ult will last longer than usual. This is another reason why many players consider Echo to be one of the best heroes to get in the current meta.

While we’re on the topic of the meta, as you’ll see in just a bit, Junker Queen is also on the list. Since the latter will be pretty popular, we expect to see Echo a lot more because she is one of the best counters.

Junker Queen

While we are on the topic of some of the best Overwatch 2 mid-season 4 heroes to get, we need to mention Junker Queen. After the first couple of weeks of OW 2 when she was the best hero in the game, Blizzard nerfed her a lot. Consequently, she is less popular than back then. However, the most recent update will change that because JQ received some of the most substantial changes.

Starting with her Scattergun, it now has 8 ammo instead of 6, allowing her to do a lot more damage overall. Jagged Blade also got buffed because it has a larger projectile size. In other words, JQ players in Overwatch 2 will be able to land the ability much easier.

Up next, we have Junker Queen’s ultimate called Rampage. The latter has always been one of the team-fight ultimates in Overwatch 2, but after the updates, it became even better. Now, the ability deals 40 damage on impact, but the total wound damage is down to 60 from 100.

Finally, we have Junker Queen’s Adrenaline Rush, which now heals her for 2x the damage she deals. This is probably the most important change related to the hero because it makes her feel a lot stronger in all kinds of team fights.

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It is safe to say that Junker Queen is probably the best tank in Overwatch 2 Season 4 right now. We will make sure to keep an eye on her and provide you with additional information in the next couple of days.


Even though Kiriko is not among the Overwatch 2 Season 4 heroes that received a lot of updates or got buffed, there is no arguing she deserves to be S-Tier. She has been one of the most dominant supports in the game and among the few heroes that are still a part of the meta. Needless to say, we expect to see a lot more from her in the next couple of days.

In terms of the changes after the mid-season update, Kiriko’s Kunai reloads after 65% of the animation instead of 75%. Also, the hero has a new option called “Healing Ofuda Cancels Reload”. Most people will probably not take advantage of it, but the expert Kiriko players will be happy they have access to it.


Overwatch 2 Season 4 Patch Notes

The last name we have on the list of the best heroes to get after the mid-season Overwatch 2 update is Junkrat. What’s interesting about this hero is that he was already one of the popular options, especially on some maps and setups. Yet, Blizzard decided to buff him even more, which made the hero feel even stronger.

Junkrat’s Concussion Mine now deals 110 damage instead of 100, making him even better for killing squishy targets. In fact, this is one of the big reasons why so many people want to pick Junkrat, even in situations where there are DPS heroes that work better.

Speaking of those kinds of situations, the hero is known for not being that effective against enemies that are flying, as well as those that love playing from a distance. Therefore, JQ is not always a good pick against the like of Pharah, Widowmaker, Ashe, or Hanzo. Fortunately, neither of those heroes is that hot in the current meta, at least for now.

Overwatch 2 Mid Season 4 Meta – Best Heroes to Get
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