Overwatch 2 Meta Breakdown In Late Season 3

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Overwatch 2 Meta Breakdown In Late Season 3

Here are some of the combos that you need to check out in the current Overwatch 2 meta in season 3.

One of the things that professional and casual Overwatch 2 players have to keep an eye on is the current meta. We have a couple of Overwatch 2 Season 3 articles where we go over some of the hottest heroes in the game. However, as people keep playing on the current patch, they come up with all sorts of new things. Consequently, it’s time for an overview of the current meta just a few weeks before the arrival of Season 4.

You’re about to see a list of a few popular hero combos and setups that you can try out in the current patch. The meta in Overwatch 2 Season 3 allows players to choose from a wide range of heroes and setups. However, some are better than the rest, so let’s make an Overwatch 2 Meta Breakdown.

Reinhardt + a pocket healer and a solid DPS like Cassidy


If we take a look at some of the best Overwatch 2 tanks in the current meta, we can see that a few names stand out. Reinhardt is among them, and he’s one of the most popular heroes. Besides doing an insane amount of damage at close range, he is hard to bring down. Furthermore, Rein is one of the best heroes regarding pushing and securing certain areas of the map.


With that said, Reinhardt will only have the chance to shine if he has a pocket healer. This means that one of the supports in the teams has to be responsible for him and do everything he can to keep him alive. 

There are several good supports that can work with Rein, but he usually shines with someone who can follow him while he pushes. This means that heroes like Lucio and Moira are usually really good because they can stay close. However, Ana is also a solid option mainly because of her ultimate.

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The so-called “brawl” combo can work with several DPS heroes. Ideally, one of them should stay close to Rein and the healers because this will give them better pushing power. However, the Overwatch 2 meta breakdown shows that the other can flank and do all kinds of other things. 


Cassidy, for example, is a pretty good option for this combo because of his impressive damage output. Soldier: 76 is also good, and he even has a heal that can assist with when needed. Bastion is also pretty good, although he’s not popular among the highest-rated Overwatch 2 players.

Mercy and a good DPS hero

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Even though the combo with Rein and the pocket healers is really good, not that many people can pull it off, especially in ranked matchmaking. Fortunately, the Overwatch 2 meta breakdown reveals that there are several other options that are worth trying. One of them includes Mercy and any good DPS hero in the current meta.


When talking about Mercy, she was one of the heroes that people only associated with Pharah and Echo. Even though the combo between them can work in the current meta, Mercy’s buff in Season 3 made her one of the best supports in the game. Consequently, she can work alongside many other DPS heroes.


Starting with Soldier: 76, you’ve probably seen these 2 in action a lot by now. This combo is incredibly efficient because Mercy allows the buffed Soldier to do even more damage than before. What’s more, both heroes have healed, meaning it is tough to bring them down.


Mercy can also work well with heroes like Cassidy. As mentioned, the latter is among the strongest Overwatch 2 DPS characters right now, which explains why he appears more often than before. 

Some of the teams in the Overwatch League focus on the so-called “Poke” Combos


If you follow the eSports side of Overwatch 2, you know that the OWL is home to the best players in the world. Many of them are always one step ahead of the rest when it comes down to the meta. Consequently, people who watch them in action can steal a page of their book. 

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Speaking of stealing something, we can see many of them have done a complete Overwatch 2 meta breakdown and focus more on the so-called “Poke” combos. What’s interesting about them is that they include heroes whose goal is not to allow enemies to approach them. 


The idea here is to use long-range DPS heroes who can punish anyone who’s out of position ot trying to push. Usually, the setup includes the likes of Widowmaker and Ashe or Widowmaker and Hanzo, as well as Sigma. The latter enables the snipers to do more damage because his ultimate allows them to land free headshots while enemies are in the air. 


In terms of healers, this combo benefits a lot from damage boosts, meaning Mercy is really good. Ana can also work well because she’s also a sniper and can sleep her enemies.

You can often find different variations of the popular dive combos

If you’ve played Overwatch 2 long enough, you know that the so-called “dive” combos are incredibly popular in every meta. People like playing them because they excel against weaker opponents. Not everyone knows how to stop them from taking over, meaning players who have some experience can abuse them easily.

If we take a look at the current Overwatch 2 Season 3 meta, we can see that these kinds of combos often get to shine. With that said, people use heroes like Wrecking Ball and Tracer, as well as Sojourn and Lucion to make the most of them. Unsurprisingly, all heroes are fast and can quickly go “in and out”.

Some Overwatch 2 players try to combine these heroes with the likes of Cassidy or even a second tank. It all depends on the setup and the opponents you’re playing against, so keep that in mind.



This Overwatch 2 meta breakdown shows that there are multiple options to choose from, at least in Season 3. With that said, we are a couple of weeks away from the arrival of Season 4. In fact, we’ve already covered some of the things that you need to know about it. 

Overwatch 2 Meta Breakdown In Late Season 3
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