Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 2

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Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 2

We go over some of the off meta hero picks that might show up in your next game of Overwatch 2, and how to counter them.

After looking at some of the hottest Overwatch 2 heroes and how to counter them, it is time for part 2. The heroes you are about to see here aren’t necessarily the most desirable options in the current meta. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them explode in the upcoming Season 3, so it is important to know a thing or two about how to counter them.

Keep in mind that every Overwatch 2 hero has the potential to counter another one. It all comes down to the map, lineup, and teams. That said, some heroes are really strong against others, so let’s go through a few options.


Despite not being an S-Tier DPS hero yet, Ashe is one of the solid options you can get in Overwatch 2. The hero’s ability to kill targets with 2 quick headshots and her ultimate makes her a solid option for many lineups. However, Ashe has several counters that she needs to be aware of, one of which is Widowmaker.

The battle between 2 of Overwatch 2’s snipers is always interesting to watch, but Widowmaker has an advantage. Her additional range and the ability to kill Ashe with a single headshot make him dangerous. 

Ashe is also fairly weak against flankers, such as Tracer and Genji, because they can kite her. Furthermore, these heroes can use Ashe’s incredibly high reload time. 


Everyone was excited about Bastion’s changes in Overwatch 2 because the hero wasn’t that popular in Overwatch 2. Sadly, even adding tons of new abilities didn’t have the impact people expected because Bastion is still not a hot option in the current meta. That said, he is definitely better than before, meaning that more and more people have decided to give him a chance.

Bastion’s big problem is that he does not have as much mobility as other DPS. On top of that, his huge model makes him an easy target for heroes such as Hanzo. The latter was one of the best Bastion counters in Overwatch, and he continues to be good in Overwatch 2.

Genji can also be a good option against Bastion, but it depends on how well he uses h e deflect. Failing to take advantage of this ability will make him an easy target. 


Old-school Ovewarwatch fans probably remember the days when Brigitte was everyone’s nightmare. The meta with the hero was one of the worst things that happened to the game, so it shouldn’t be surprising that she hasn’t been that strong after that. 

Brigitte is not a popular pick in Overwatch 2, at least for now. However, we expect this to change in the foreseeable future because she has a lot ot offer, especially to some combos. The bad news is that there are several counters that can prevent her from showing her prowess, one of which is Pharah.

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At the time of writing this, Brigitte has yet to deal with the flying DPS hero. Sure, she has a shield, but the fact that it is so small means that Pharah can do damage by spamming her rockets near her. Furthermore, she can also break the shield reasonably easily.


Those who’ve been playing Overwatch 2 since the beginning know that this hero was powerful. In fact, Baptiste continues to be a vital part of the meta, even though Lucio has become the preferred option for most Support mains. 

Baptiste’s clunky attack animation and lack of movement speed make him a good target for a lot of heroes, especially Genji. The latter can be a nightmare to overcome because he can deal a lot of damage and force tons of cooldowns. 

What’s also interesting is that Genji’s shuriken and dash combo can do so much damage that it can force Baptiste to use his Immortality field right away. This is one of the abilities in Overwatch 2, with the longest cooldown in the game, so forcing it immediately definitely increases the other team’s chances of winning the fight.


There is no arguing that Echo is slowly but steadily becoming a more popular option in Overwatch 2 Season 2. Even though she wasn’t that big in Season 1 due to the nerfs, people finally realized she was worth trying.

Echo is usually good against most setups, and she shines when it comes down to finishing low-HP targets. However, Echo players must be aware of a couple of big counters, such as Ashe and Widowmaker. Both heroes have the ability to kill her really fast, and they can stay at a relatively safe distance. Hence, Echo won’t be able to do much against them.


Another DPS hero that hasn’t been that popular in Overwatch 2. Unlike others, Hanzo did not receive that many buffs, which is why some players decided to focus on other options. Nevertheless, Hanzo is a pretty solid pick for most situations and can work well, as long as there isn’t a good D.Va against him.

Although it might sound strange, D.Va is actually one of the best heroes you can get against Hanzo. Sure, the large hitbox makes her an easy target against his arrows, but her ability to chase him and deal damage means she can easily kill him in seconds.

Another thing that makes D.Va a good option against Hanzo is that she can make his ultimate feel useless. Defensive Matrix can “eat” all of Hanzo’s ult, which means he won’t be able to do any damage to D.Va’s team.

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Despite the reworks, Mei is still not as popular as some people want her to be. Even though she deals more damage than before, it seems like this isn’t enough to make her the go-to option for many people. Those who know how to use her full potential usually do well because people don’t know how to play against Mei.

The bad news is that the hero has a lot of counters that can make her complicated. One of them is Zarya, a hero that counters many others in Overwatch 2. Zarya is strong against Mei because she can do a lot of damage and force the DPS hero to play defensively. 

Aside from the damage output, Zarya’s buttles allow her to remove the freeze effect when Mei uses her ult. This can be incredibly strong in team fights, especially if she uses it on some heroes.

Besides Zarya, heroes like Pharah and Echo can also be dangerous, especially if Mei can’t hit her icicles. 


Orisa was one of the heroes in Overwatch 2 that received massive changes. Her new kit makes her a lot more popular and the buffs following Season 2 allow her to do even more damage than before. However, this doesn't mean she is flawless because there are a couple of heroes that work well against her.

Besides the usual suspects, such as Reaper, other thanks, like Zarya, are also good. The latter’s damage output allows her to apply tons of pressure. Of course, we also have to mention this tank’s bubbles because they are more than capable of reducing Orisa’s damage output.

Despite the fact that Zarya is a tough matchup for Orisa, the latter can prevail as long as it keeps an eye on Zarya’s cooldowns. Once the bubbles are down, Orisa’s damage and her javelin can be enough to score a kill.


Despite the small buffs she received in Overwatch 2, Pharah continues to be one of the weakest DPS in the game. Sure, there are setups and skill brackets where she can work, but she is just not as good as she should be against people who know how to deal with her.

The bad news is that Pharah has tons of counters in the game. Any hitscan DPS can be a nightmare to play against. No wonder people often pick Widowmaker and Ashe to counter her.

Aside from those 2 names, Pharah is weak against the likes of Solider: 76, Sojourn, and even some tanks, such as Orisa. As a result, you have to be really careful when you decide you want to play with this hero.

Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 2
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