Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 1

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Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 1

Our latest Overwatch 2 guide breaks down some of the game's most popular heroes, and how to counter them.

Overwatch 2 is one of Blizzard’s games where people can pick a hero and play with 4 teammates. The game became available in October 2022, and it was Overwatch’s successor, a title that has been around for several years.

As expected, Overwatch 2 included a lot of changes, including new heroes. On top of that, some of the older characters got reworked, meaning players had to learn how to play against them. Even though some of them adapt fast, others still need help.

To help you, we’ve decided to create4 a guide that will show you how to counter some of the most popular heroes in the game. At the time of writing this article, OW 2 is in Season 2, and there are a few names that stand out. Most of them were also popular during Season 1, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to play an important role in the future.


Ana has always been one of the popular support picks in Overwatch, which means that the hero is also trendy in Overwatch 2. Compared to most supports, Ana does less damage. However, the ability to CC and do AoE heal/damage can be very strong in some situations.

The easiest way to counter this hero is to bait her Sleep Dart. If she fails to land this shot, she won’t be able to escape or CC you long enough to land a kill. There are many things that you can do to bait her, so it all depends on the hero you’re playing.

Speaking of heroes, Ana usually works well against everything, but things like Kiriko can make her life a living hell. Besides the fact that this support can do tons of damage, it can also cleanse Ana’s grenade and heal a lot. On top of that, Kiriko is hard to kill and can actively chase Ana around the map.


If you are looking for an Overwatch 2 tank that can work in almost all situations, D.Va is definitely an option you should consider. The hero is mobile, deals a lot of damage, and is hard to kill. Unsurprisingly, this makes it ideal in many situations.

What’s interesting about D.Va is that she does not have that many counters. However, heroes like Zarya are usually powerful against her because the beam can go through the hero’s defensive matrix. In other words, this tank does not have something that can protect it against Zarya.

Even if you don’t have enough damage to kill her, the fact that Zarya is in the game means that she will force D.Va to play more defensively. In other words, the DPS on Zarya’s team should have an easier time dealing with her.


Despite not being popular in Season 1, Doomfist is one of the hottest heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 2. His mobility and ability to do a lot of burst damage make him one of the best picks in many situations. However, this doesn’t mean he does not have counters because some heroes can make his life complicated.

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Players must be aware of a couple of big counters, but Orisa is probably the worst option. Besides the fact that she is incredibly tanky and hard to kill, the hero’s spear goes through Doomfist’s defensive ability. Consequently, she can counter him relatively easily.

Doomfist is also vulnerable against heroes who have high damage because his defenses are not that strong. In other words, people who want to play with this hero need to be good at the game and know what they’re doing. 


One of the hottest support heroes in Overwatch 2 does not have that many counters because she is mobile and hard to kill. However, players must be aware of a couple of heroes, such as Widowmaker and Sombra.

Windowmaker is an excellent counter to Kiriko because she can one-shot her from miles away. Fortunately, good Kiriko players can dodge this by positioning in a way that won’t allow Widowmaker to land her shots.

The bad news is that this tactic won’t work against the likes of Sombra. Having the ability to hack Kiriko’s kit is usually enough to land a quick kill after that. Luckily for the latest Overwatch 2 support, Sombra received tons of nerfs in Season 2 and isn’t as popular as before, so we don’t see her that often.


If you have to pick just one Overwatch 2 support to play with, definitely go with Lucio. Even though he is not the easiest hero to master, once you learn how to use him, you can literally carry your team.

Lucio’s amazing mobility and utility make him a solid option in every scenario. However, this doesn’t mean he does not have any counters. On the contrary, there are several heroes that are notorious for being really good against him, and Sombra is one of them. Her ability to hack means she can make Lucio feel useless and kill him immediately.

Mei is also an interesting option against Lucio because she can slow him down long enough for her allies to land a kill.


Despite not being the most popular tank in Overwatch 2 so far, Rein is a hero that worked well in Season 1 and is a situational pick in Season 2. He is the tank with the best barrier in the game, which is why there are some setups where he shines.

Unfortunately, Rein’s huge model and the lack of proper ranged ability make him an easy target against a lot of heroes. Without a doubt, Pharah is one of the best heroes against him because she does AoE damage near Rein, forcing him to use his barrier against her. Needless to say, this gives the rest of her team enough time to deal with the annoying tank.

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Reaper is also a good option against Rein, but only in some situations. Despite being one of the best counters to pall tanks, Rein’s damage means that he can stand his ground against this DPS.


Speaking of tanks in Overwatch 2, Roadhog is probably the most impressive option on the list. He was incredibly popular in Season 1 and remained one of the leading names in Season 2. His insanely high HP and the ability to one-shot all squishes make him outstanding in the current meta. However, this doesn’t mean he is invisible.

Roadhog has a couple of big counters you must be aware of, and Ana is one of them.  Although some of you may think that she’s not that good, her Sleeping Dart is incredibly strong against him because it can cancel his ult or prevent him from self-healing. The latter makes him extremely vulnerable against some DPS heroes, so keep that in mind.

Besides Ana, Reaper is also an excellent hero against Roadhog. Besides dodging his hook, the hero deals insane amounts of damage, meaning that he can pressure him a lot and prevent Hog from using his deadly combo on supports.


One of the most controversial Overwatch 2 heroes received countless nerfs in the last couple of weeks. The most recent ones became available after the arrival of Season 2, and it seems like they put a nail in the coffin when it comes down to her dominance. However, Sojourn continues to be one of the most powerful heroes in the game, and for a reason.

Nowadays, she can be countered by a lot of things, but if we have to pick one, it has to be Winston. Besides the fact that the money can chase her around the map, the tank also has a strong bubble. Sojourn can deal a lot of damage, but she does not have the firepower to destroy the shield that fasts.

Prior to the nerfs, Widowmaker wasn’t that big of a problem for Sojourn, but now that she isn’t as strong as before, the Sniper can be a viable option. However, it all depends on Widowmaker’s skills and her ability to land headshots.


Although people used Sombra a lot more in Season 1, the nerfs made her almost unplayable. Consequently, this increased Tracer’s popularity, which is why she is among the best in Overwatch 2 right now.

Even though Tracer has fewer counters, the swift DPS hero is not that good against heroes like Torb and Symmetra. The fact that both have turrets that deal a lot of damage means she has to be extremely careful when flanking. Tracer has the lowest HP in the game, so she is vulnerable to all attacks.

Overwatch 2: How to Counter Heroes Part 1
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