Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 2

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Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 2

After taking a look at all Overwatch 2 heroes that are tanks and a few DPS, we’ll continue with Part 2.

In the first article about the Overwatch 2 heroes and maps, we’ve covered all of the popular tanks and two DPS heroes. However, we understand that it’s really important for players to know which maps to focus on and which to avoid. Consequently, this article will go over the remaining Overwatch 2 heroes and share more details.

Keep in mind that the meta in Overwatch 2 changes all the time. Therefore, some of the things you see now may not be like that in the future.


Considering Genji’s one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch 2, it’s no surprise his best map is Havana. The map offers loads of spots for him to flank and do damage. In terms of the worst maps, Lijiang Tower is probably the first thing that comes to mind.


The next hero we’d like to start with is Ashe, one of the DPS that is pretty good in Season 6. Ashe works well on medium-range maps because this is where she deals the most amount of damage. Starting with the worst maps, she is probably not good on Circuit Royale simply because other DPS are better here. In terms of her best map, we have to include Route 66.


One of the Overwatch 2 hero with the highest skill cap can work in different kinds of games. Her best map is probably Oasis because there are a lot of spots she can attack from and make the most of her damage. As for the worst maps, she works on everything, but New Queen Street is probably the worst because it’s too big, and she can suffer against Widowmaker.


Soldier is one of the Overwatch 2 Heroes that can be a solid pick on most maps, such as Havana. With that said, Colosseo is not that good for the hero because there aren’t that many spots where he can flank enemies. Moreover, he is not the hero with the best mobility in terms of flying or high jumping, which is also a negative for this map.


Even though she is not most people’s favorite, there is no arguing that Pharah is a good hero that works well on some maps. She is good on maps like Illious, Rialto, and even Dorado because there are places where she can hide if needed. Sadly, she is not good on maps like Junkertown because the map is too long.


Hanzo’s a mid-range monster, so it’s no surprise he is really good on King’s Row because it has loads of high ground. Similar to Genji, this hero is not that good on Lijiang Tower because the map is just too small for him to do things.


Junkrat is one of the Overwatch 2 heroes that is strong on most maps, but Lijiang Tower is his best one for sure. His damage output there can be insane, but the same can’t be said for maps like Junkertown. There are instances where he can work, but this isn’t always the case.


Sojourn is one of the universal Overwatch 2 heroes that can work on any map and it all depends on the combo. She is goon on Rialto and New Queen’s Street, but if we have to choose some of the worst maps, we’ll put Junkertown. The map is not that baked, but it is big, which means that Sojourn has to be careful when using her ultimate.


Needless to say, Mei is all about using her wall, so there are a few specific maps she’s really good at, such as Colosseo and King’s Row. With that said, she is not that good on names like Oasis.


Reaper is one of the Overwatch 2 heroes who can work safely on things like Nepal. However, since he has one of the worst ranges in the game, he could be better on big maps like Circuit Royale. The latter does not provide that many hiding sports, and the hero needs to be close to do damage.


Symmetra works best on smaller maps where she can take full advantage of her Turrets. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Lijiang Tower takes the crown here. Symmetra is not that good on long maps where enemies can dodge her turrets, so things like Junkertown are usually not worth it.


When it comes down to Overwatch 2 heroes that are supports, Ana is good on King’s Row and Rialto because she can land highly efficient Nades. Regarding her worst map, it probably has to be Illios because some opponents can flank her from many places.


Tracer is one of those names that can work on almost any map and situation. She could be better on Overwatch 2 maps like King's Row, but maps like New Queen Street are really good because they offer a lot of flanking options.


Sombra is definitely not the best hero right now, but there are a few Overwatch 2 maps where she can work better than the rest. For example, she is good on Oasis and Nepal because she can take full advantage of her hack. With that said, the hero is not good on maps where mid-range heroes like Hanzo and Widowmaker can land their shots.


Torb is similar to Symmetra in some ways, but if we have to point at one map that’s better than the rest, we’ll include Blizzard World. His worst maps are those where Snipers work better. This includes Gibraltar and Dorado because Widowmaker and Ashe can make Torb’s life really hard.


Widowmaker works well on big Overwatch 2 maps and doesn’t work well on smaller ones. Therefore, Circuit Royale is probably her best option, whereas Lijiang is the worst because it’s too packed for her to do something.


Dorado is probably one of the best Overwatch 2 maps for this hero. She is not that good on Junkertown.


Baptiste is good with a brawl combo, so Circuit Royale and Lijiang are good options. In terms of maps that don’t really work, we have to include Route 66. Of course, it depends on the Overwatch 2 heroes he’s playing with.


The newest Overwatch 2 hero works on a lot of options, such as the Flashpoint maps. From our experience, she is not strong on Junkertown because the map is just too big.

Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 2
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