Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 1

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Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 1

Here are the Overwatch 2 heroes and their best and worst maps.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 added a new hero to the game that a lot of people love. We’ve already done a full Illari guide, so make sure to read it if you want to know more information about the hero. With that said, there are tons of other Overwatch 2 heroes out there, and each one shines more on some maps than others. Deciding which option to pick for a certain map is easier said than done, which is why we are about to see a list of all Overwatch 2 heroes and the maps they are good at, as well as those that they suck.


Doomfirst is becoming more popular every day and he works on a lot of things, but he’s the best in Nepal. However, he is not that strong on maps like Havana because the map is too open and doesn’t offer that many flanking options.


Orisa is one of the best Overwatch 2 heroes right now, and he is the go-to tank for a lot of players. To be fair, she can work with a variety of maps, but it seems like Colosseo is the best one. It has tons of walls, and she can push faster than ever. As for the worst maps, Gibraltar is probably the worst because the hero can’t do much.


The king of the poke combos works well in open maps where he and his team can do damage. Consequently, maps like Havana are really good for Sigma. In terms of the worst maps, Sigma is knot that good on Lijang because the dive combos can be extremely strong.


D.Va is a pretty good option and is probably one of the most flexible heroes. Gibraltar is probably one of the best options because she can use her mobility. Other than that, Lijang Tower is the worst because the map is too small, and she can get run over.


Despite the fact that this is the worst Overwatch 2 hero right now, Roadhog can work on some maps. Of course, he should take advantage of his hook, which is why maps like Illios make the most sense. We can also add Nepal. 

In terms of the worst maps, we can add pretty much every other available map. He is just not that strong right now, so most people prefer to use other options.

Junker Queen

JQ has always been about brawls, so she loves big maps like Colesseo. Dorado is not good because she does not have a lot of mobility, so she can’t take advantage of what the map offers. A lot of people will pick the likes of Winston here because he can work really well. Speaking of the devil, the is the next hero on the list.


The hero’s insane mobility allows him to be very effective on a wide range of maps. However, it seems like he works best in Gibraltar and Midtown. Some people also like picking him on maps like Junkertown, but we feel like the latter is one of the worst options. It is way too open for him to do something.


Ramattra is well-known for his ability to do damage, so he’s really good at things like Busan, King’s Row, and other big options. Hollywood, on the other hand, is one of the maps where this Overwatch 2 hero is just not as good as other tanks in the game.


When talking about Overwatch 2 Season 6 heroes, Reinhardt is definitely an option to keep an eye on. He works well on many maps, such as Lijang Tower, where he can deal tons of damage and pin enemies. As for the worst maps, a lot of people will say it's Gibraltar, which is true, but he is also not good on Havana. However, it all depends on the setup.


Zarya’s more effective in medium and close-range maps, such as Midtown and Oasis. Sadly, Zarya does not work that well on most other maps, such as those that offer long-range options. Hollywood is a good example here because this hero does not have any mobility and she can struggle against some of the other tanks that are good here.

Wrecking Ball

The last Overwatch 2 hero we want to talk about is another tank, and his name is Wrecking Ball. To be fair, Ball can work on all open maps, but after playing with him recently, we feel like New Queen Street and Colesseo are probably the best options for him. In terms of the worst maps, the hero does not work well when there are no flanks and points to use his hook. This means that options like Circuit Royale are just not worth it.


The best Overwatch 2 hero right now in terms of DPS is Bastion, and he is used on a wide range of maps. However, if we have to choose the best ones, we have to include Lijiang Tower and Nepal. Contrary to popular belief, the hero is not that efficient on long-range maps because there are many things that can go wrong. The list here consists of things like New Queen Street, as well as other open maps where he can get flanked.


Cassidy is similar to Bastion in terms of the maps he is good on because he shines in close and mid-range fights. However, the hero is not good in long-range matchups, which means that options like Circle Royale, where he can’t do much. In terms of his best maps, Cassidy is good on maps like Blizzard World because there are loads of high grounds he can take advantage of. 

Overwatch 2 Heroes and Maps – Here are the Best and Worst Maps for Each Hero – Part 1
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