Overwatch 2: Four DPS to Keep an Eye On

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Overwatch 2: Four DPS to Keep an Eye On

We've looked at the tanks, now it's the damage dealers turn; we check out the DPS to keep an eye on in Overwatch 2.

Most people who play Overwatch prefer to take the DPS role because it seems the most interesting one. Whether this is true is doable, but there is no arguing that most players prefer to be DPS than tanks or healers. This is one of the reasons why Overwatch offers almost twice as many DPS characters.

Needless to say, these heroes will also be available in Overwatch 2. What’s more, we will have access to three new names, two of which are Junker Queen and Sojourn. The latter is the newest DPS in the game, and it seems like it will become really popular. However, we won’t include it on this list because it will be new and many people won’t know how to use it.

Instead of focusing on new heroes, this Overwatch 2 review will highlight the DPS heroes from the original game that you should focus on. Needless to say, every character is different in one way or another, so some of them are better than others (at least for now). We won’t include Cassidy and Mei in this list because we’ve already covered them in this article.


As mentioned earlier, every DPS hero has gone through some changes. Some offer more new things than others, and one of the names that stands out is Bastion. This is a hero that has gone through a complete rework for Overwatch 2. We can’t say that we’re surprised that Bastion was one of the least popular heroes in the game. 

Besides the fact that he was never picked in high-rated PUB games, the hero never had the chance to prove himself on the pro scene. In fact, he only worked well against lower-rated players.

As for the changes themselves, Bastion no longer has Ironclad, his passive ability. He also lost his Configuration: Sentry and Configuration: Tank, as well as his Self-Repair. Fortunately, this Configuration Recon damage is now 25 instead of 20 and his weapon fire rate is 5.

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As for the hero’s new abilities, he now has Configuration: Assault, which transforms him into a tank that can shoot while moving. This will reduce his movement speed, but he gains infinite ammo and a lot of damage. The ability lasts for six seconds and has a 12-second cooldown.

Bastion will also gain a special grenade that does 130 damage, as well as a new ultimate. When used, he can fire unique shells, each of which deals more than 200 damage. This makes Bastion one of the best damage dealers in the game.


Unlike Bastion, who had to go through tons of changes, Hanzo remains pretty much the same. In fact, this is one of the heroes in Overwatch 2 that will receive a couple of nerfs. In this case, Storm Arrow will do 65 damage per shot instead of 70, which means you need to hit at least four arrows to kill a 200 HP target instead of 3.

Hanzo has been one of the go-to options for casual and professional players. The hero always had a unique role for many people because of his mobility and deadly abilities. Keep in mind this is one of the best mid and long-range damage dealers in the game and he is always capable of changing the balance of power during a fight. 

Of course, Hanzo remains one of the heroes with the highest skill cap in Overwatch because landing those headshots is not as easy as it seems. However, once you learn how to use him, you will realize that he is strong against pretty much every setup. Let’s not forget that Hanzo’s ultimate is one of the best in the game.


The second DPS hero in OW that hasn’t gone through a lot of changes is Junkrat. Unlike Hanzo, who needs to land his shots to be effective, Junkrat brings a lot of value to the table simply by existing and spamming damage. The hero may not seem that good at first, but he can be a nightmare to play against, especially if the player is good.

People who want to use Junkrat in Overwatch 2 should know that the hero’s Steel Trap works differently. Instead of preventing targets from moving, it will slow down their movement speed by 65%. On top of that, the trap will deal 100 damage and have a faster projectile speed. 

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These changes don’t seem that good, and they probably won’t be as useful as the ability’s effect in Overwatch. However, the fact that the trap deals more damage is a plus because Junkrat will become even more dangerous.


This will be the most controversial name on this list because many people think that Widow is one of the worst DPS in Overwatch. Although the hero rarely has as much impact as others, that’s due to the fact that people don’t know how to use her properly. Widowmaker is the only “real” sniper in Overwatch and it can be deadly in the hands of those who can land headshots.

Sadly, Widowmaker often struggles in ranked games because people don’t know where to position themselves. On top of that, most enemy teams often have one or even two shields, which reduces Widow’s effectiveness.

Another reason this hero was not as famous as others was her base HP. Instead of being like other DPS, Widow only had 175 HP, which made her almost as squishy as Tracer. Luckily, this is no longer the case because the hero will now have 200 HP.


The last name on the list is Reaper, one of the preferred heroes for many players. Also known as the executor of tanks, this is probably the best hero in a close range because he does absurd amounts of damage. On top of that, the hero has lifesteal, which means you can’t kill him as quickly.

Like Hanzo, Reaper does not offer any new things in Overwatch 2, at least not yet. His Hellfire Shotguns will now do slightly less damage, but the spread is increased from 6 to 8, so he should be able to hit even more units.

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Overwatch 2: Four DPS to Keep an Eye On
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