Overwatch 2: Four Tanks To Keep An Eye On

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Overwatch 2: Four Tanks To Keep An Eye On

We take a look at the tanks you should keep an eye on when Overwatch 2 drops in October.

October is just around the corner, which means that we will have access to Overwatch 2 in just a couple of months. Blizzard announced that this would be a free-to-play game, which means everyone can install it and start playing. Instead of requiring people to spend money to play, the game will offer things like a Battlepass and skins that cost money. Of course, you won’t get any in-game benefits while using them because these items only change the given hero’s look.

Before we get the chance to explore the new maps and effects, we have to know more information about some of the heroes. Following our reviews of some of the hottest combos you should be aware of, this article will focus on providing you with more information about the tanks you should pay attention to.

Many inexperienced players underestimate the power of tanks in Overwatch, which is why we think this guide will come in handy. Make sure to follow us regularly because we constantly release new updates.


The first tank many people will focus on while playing Overwatch 2 is D.Va. Everyone who has some experience with the original Overwatch knows that this was one of the most potent and famous heroes in the game. D.Va deals almost as much damage as a DPS and she is tankier than some heroes with shields. On top of that, the hero is mobile and can escape many tricky situations.

Judging by the changes that D.Va has to go through in Overwatch 2, the hero will continue to be the go-to option for many players. People expected the hero’s damage to receive nerfs, but for now, Blizzard hasn’t changed it. However, the company reduced her Fusion Cannons’ spread from 4 to 3.5, which should have a negligible effect on her overall DPS.

Aside from this nerf, D.Va received two additional changes. The hero how has 450 standard HP and 200 armor instead of 600 HP and 300 and 300 armor. Consequently, her total HP is 650, which makes her even tankier.

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Lastly, D.Va’s movement speed penality while shooting is reduced from 50% to 40%. This should make the hero more mobile, which is good news for everyone who “mains” it. 

We're yet to see whether D.Va will fit in the same combos popular in Overwatch. By the looks of it, this will be one of the best tanks in the game.


Similar to D.Va, Orisa is a popular pick in Overwatch because the hero is pretty tanky. Often used as a given team’s main tank, Orisa can soak up a lot of damage and give her teammates a fantastic damage boost.

Unfortunately, this won’t be available in Overwatch 2 because this is one of the heroes that received a lot of new things. We’ve already mentioned in our previous articles that this hero has many new abilities. Instead of having the shield and Halt!, Orisa now focuses on using the Javelin that deals tons of damage.

The hero is definitely more aggressive than before because the new abilities allow it to deal more damage. As a result, Orisa’s role should be different than in Overwatch, and we won’t be surprised if people start using her as a secondary tank.

We had the chance to test the hero numerous times during the beta, and we can safely say that it is solid. However, we believe that the hero might go through a couple of nerfs before Overwatch 2 arrives because the Javelin can deal absurd amounts of damage.


Even though Overwatch has many legendary tanks, only a few come close to Reinhardt when it comes down a ton to popularity. This hero worked in almost every scenario, which explains why so many people used it all the time. Aside from having many fans among casual players, Rein was also a popular pick for some of the best Overwatch teams in the world.

By the looks of it, the hero will continue to play an important role in Overwatch 2. Even though he has a couple of changes, his role should stay the same because he is one of the best main tanks in the game.

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Speaking of changes, Rein has a couple of new things you should be aware of. The first one is his Steadfast passive, which is no longer in the game because OW 2 adds this ability to every tank in the game.

Rein also has more armor and base HP because his HP is now 350, whereas his armor is 300 instead of 200. However, this comes at a cost because his Barrie Field only has 1200 HP. Even more annoying is that the regen rate is down to 144 HP per second. These changes mean that people who play Rein must be more careful when using their shields.

Rein’s charge steering turn rate is also increased by 50% and can now be canceled. This ability also has 8 seconds CD instead of 10, but its damage is down to 225 from 300. As for Fire Strike, this ability now has two charges and deals 90 damage.


Let’s face it, Roadhog was not as popular as some players wanted him to be. Sure, he did a lot of damage, but the lack of shields and his gigantic hit box made him a sitting duck for every top-rated DPS player. As a result, the hero rarely had the chance to show his prowess in the pro meta.

Even though Overwatch 2 did not give the hero any shields, the game will try to make him a viable pick by offering a couple of new things. The first one is related to his Breather Healing, which will now heal for 350 instead of 300. The second change is definitely more interesting because it affects “The Whole Hog Ultimate”. This ability has to be fired manually, and it can’t be canceled with stuns. Furthermore, Hog can also use other abilities while having an active ultimate. Needless to say, those things were not available before.

Whether this will be enough to make Roadhog a viable option is too early to tell. However, the hero looks good on paper.

Overwatch 2: Four Tanks To Keep An Eye On
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