Overwatch 2 Director’s Take – The Development Values

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Overwatch 2 Director’s Take – The Development Values

Similar to before, the Overwatch 2  Director’s take is here, and we got to learn a lot of interesting things. Let’s go through it.

2024 has arrived, and with it, we have the first Overwatch directors take of the year. In it, the people behind our favorite game have decided to share their view of the game in 2024, so we have a lot of things to cover.

Overwatch 2 Director’s Take – Overview

According to the Directors take Overwatch 2, will be a part of a series where the team will frame up the year according to what they believe is best for it. According to the most recent director’s take, these values translate into goals and specific additions and changes. There are many things we need to talk about, so let’s dive in.

The Overwatch 2 Gameplay Improvements

One of the first things that we’ve learned after reading the Overwatch Directors take is that the people behind the game will focus on improving its gameplay. The director said that he hopes the game will have more heroes and maps added to it. Also, there could be things like a map voting system and much more.

If you keep reading the Overwatch 2 Director’s take, you can see that it states the importance of gameplay and the fact that Overwatch is a team-based game. With that said, people who are not playing together as a team can get frustrated, which is why the team behind Overwatch 2 will try to improve that.

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The team behind OW2 will try to make it easier for players to be a part of the team. In fact, after reading the Directors take Overwatch 2, it became clear that the team has already implemented some features. The Ping System is one of them, and the team also added the Spawn Together system, allowing players to spawn together and (potentially) engage together once again. According to the information, the system will get a tuning pass in Season 9, so it should be even better.

Besides those features, the team is looking at even more things that make it easier for players to play as a team. For example, we might have Party Frames (similar to those in World of Warcraft). We can also see scoreboard changes, backfill improvements, and ways to mitigate spawn camping. The team even discussed an ally-only mini-map, but the dev said that it is very unlikely to see this in-game, unlike the Party Frames, which should be close.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Changes

After analyzing everything said in the Overwatch2 Director’s take, it became clear that Season 9 will be very important. Besides the changes mentioned about the respawn time, this is also the season when we will see loads of gameplay and balance changes. Many of them are aimed at reducing damage spikes in combat.

An interesting thing we’ve learned is that in Season 9, Tank and DPS heroes will get a modified and tuned-down version of the support self-healing passive. In other words, this will allow them to sustain themselves better and not rely on the support player that much. This is also good for support because they will not be under so much pressure to heal their team constantly. 

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New events

Another thing that you can learn from the first Overwatch 2 Director’s take for 2024 is that the team will try adding more events in the future. As you know, the Quickplay: Hacked event is on now, and the idea behind it is to test how people react to the changes. The Dev team wants to know if there will be less frustration when dying, and so on.

Depending on this event and what happens, the team behind Overwatch 2 might make more changes. We will keep an eye on everything, so follow us for more information. 

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