Overwatch 2 Counters – How To Deal With Them?

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Overwatch 2 Counters – How To Deal With Them?

Let’s learn how to deal with the Overwatch 2 counters. Learn the steps you need to take to make sure you won’t be countered while playing with your favorite hero.

After we’ve learned about the new Overwatch 2 trailer that unveiled Diabo Crossver and Samoa Map, the community is definitely more interested in the game. Even though the arrival of Counter-Strike 2 has had some negative effects on OW’s player base, people who like the game are more than happy with what’s available. 

We are slowly approaching Overwatch 2 Season 7, so we expect to see a lot of changes in the Overwatch patch notes. However, before the new season arrives, it’s important to share a few things about the Overwatch 2 Counters and how to deal with them. Every patch has its meta heroes and heroes that work really well against them. Naturally, people want to use heroes that work well, so let’s see how to deal with our counters in Overwatch 2.

Think about what counters you and how

One of the first things you should take int consideration when it comes down to Overwatch 2 counters is the hero you are using. Every hero has a counter, but in order to know what to do against it, you need to know what you are playing. Are you initiating too fast, dealing too much damage, or standing behind and one-shotting people (Widowmaker, we see you!)? 

Once you have an answer to your question, you can expect the heroes who will try to counter you and be more prepared when this happens. Even though it will be hard to deal with that hero, you will have an advantage because you will expect what’s coming.

Try to find a value even against your counter

One of the first things that people need to understand when talking about Overwatch 2 counters is that you can still play against those heroes. Even though it is not going to be easy, the fact that there’s a counter on the enemy team doesn’t mean you can’t play. On the contrary, even if you are playing against Boostio Overwatch, you can always make it work by finding value.

To do that, you need to know what your hero is good at and how the enemy counters you. For example, if you are playing with Orisa and the enemy has Reaper, chances are this hero will try to kill you because of his high damage output. This means you can use your aggressive nature and try to push into your enemies and do as much damage as you can before dying. 

Besides being more aggressive or less offensive, you can also try switching your position, the way you approach fights and much more. It really depends on the matchup and Overwatch 2 counters you are facing.

Remember that switching to a hero that counters you gives your team advantages

Overwatch heroes Tracer and Brigitte round a corner in-game wearing the London Spitfire skins.

Even though playing against Overwatch 2 counters is not fun, the fact that someone is willing to switch his hero for something else means that that player is giving up something on his team. There are loads of examples of swaps that haven’t gone as planned, and people regret their decision. 

Of course, the only way for you to take advantage of the situation is if you keep track of the heroes the enemy switched from and know what it brings to the table. For example, if Peter Griffin Overwatch switched from a tank to DPS just to counter your, your team should play more aggressively because the enemies will not have a tank to rely on. 

Also, it is common for players to switch to a hero that they’re not good at just so they can counter you. Needless to say, this is another thing that can give you an advantage when playing because your opponent won’t be that good.

Try helping your teammates who are good against that hero

Even though not all Overwatch 2 players have allies they can rely on because of the skill bracket they are in, there are some exceptions. Sometimes, you have good teammates on your team, like Boostio Overwatch, so if someone is countering you by picking another hero, you can use yours to help the ally on your team that’s good against that particular counter. There are a lot of examples here, and it all depends on the given situation, patch, setup, and more.

The only problem with this thing is that you need to be sure your allies will do what’s needed to stop that counter. It may seem simple, but a lot of people can’t rely on anyone in their team when there are Overwatch 2 counters.

Swapping should be your last resort

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Even though it can be tempting to swap when there are Overwatch 2 counters in your game, we do not suggest doing this right away. There is no arguing that this is the easiest thing to do, and it could work in some situations, but it also has a lot of negatives. For example, you indirectly admit defeat by switching to another hero because you can’t play against that particular option. Moreover, you also leave your team without a hero who was a part of the core lineup, which could disrupt your entire team’s tactic. This is very common, especially if you are a tank.

Overwatch 2 Counters – How To Deal With Them?
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