New Overwatch 2 Trailer Unveils Diablo Crossover, Samoa Map

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New Overwatch 2 Trailer Unveils Diablo Crossover, Samoa Map

The Season 7 “Rise of Darkness” trailer for Overwatch 2 also gave us our first look at an anticipated Sombra rework.

This week, Blizzard released their latest trailer for Overwatch 2 Season 7, expanding on the Diablo 4 crossover. Hype around the event broke a few hours earlier after the video game publisher released the first images of Moira's “Lilith” skin. But that wasn't all that was shown in the action-packed trailer.

Other important characters from the classic Blizzard dungeon-crawler also got their own skins in the game. On top of that, the teaser also featured a new seasonal game mode, and the first official look at Sombra's skill changes.

Blizzard's popular shooter sequel is getting a whole slew of updates in it's newest crossover event. Here's everything big coming in Overwatch 2 Season 7:

Overwatch 2 Diablo Event Skins

Besides Lilith, the trailer also featured major characters from the hit RPG. Here are all of the Diablo skins making their way to Overwatch 2:

  • Lilith Moira
  • Inarius Pharah
  • Imperious Reinhardt
  • Azmodan Wreckingball

overwatch 2 season 7 diablo crossover


New Halloween Game Mode

The Diablo-themed “Trials of Sanctuary” game mode will see a 5-man team fight their way through an undead robot-infested cathedral to reach the final boss: Lilith Moira.

New hero power-ups and skills were also featured in the trailer, one of which gave Reinhardt's Firestrike a trail of molten lava.

overwatch 2 season 7 diablo crossover

New Samoa Control Map

The Season 7 trailer also showcased the latest map coming in Season 7. Samoa is the newest control map in Overwatch 2, and one of it's objectives is placed inside an active volcano.

Strong fan speculation, “Samoa's” announcement and points of interest within the new map all but confirm the next hero coming to the team-based shooter.

overwatch 2 season 7 diablo crossover

New Overwatch 2 Hero Rework Updates

Sombra's hero rework was shown in the new Season 7 trailer. In it, her Stealth was shown to be a passive instead of being a normal hero ability.

The trailer also gave us a new look at how her new  “Virus” ability works, a forward-moving projectile that hacks an enemy and applies some damage over time.

Moreover, Roadhog's rework is officially confirmed for the midseason update. If the way he was presented in the showcase is any indication, all hints point towards a change to his healing ability.

overwatch 2 season 7 diablo crossover

New Season 7 Mythic Skin: Onryo Hanzo

Overwatch 2 Season 7's Mythic Skin will be Hanzo's “Onryo” skin.

The blue, ghostly visage directly reflects the meaning of the name, which translates to “vengeful spirits”. As expected, the overall aesthetic of the Shimada brother has been completely changed to fit in with the Halloween theme.

With that, fans can also expect to see 17 new Halloween skins hit the in-game store.

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New Overwatch 2 Trailer Unveils Diablo Crossover, Samoa Map
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