Overwatch 2: Common Problems In Competitive Play

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Overwatch 2: Common Problems In Competitive Play

We go over some of Overwatch 2's most common problems in competitive play.

Overwatch 2 became available almost 2 months ago, and it quickly became a huge hit among players. The game features many new things in Season 1, and the information for Season 2 reveals we can expect even more interesting things. That said, players who want to reach the highest ranks in the game were mainly interested in competitive play.

The biggest change to competitive play is that we have a 5v5 format instead of a 6v6 one. Although some people may not think this is important, in reality, it makes a huge difference, and many people realize it. 

Competitive play in Overwatch 2 can be fun, especially when playing with friends. However, it can also cause many problems, meaning users must be aware of certain things. Some of you have probably heard most of them, but others haven’t, so let’s learn more about some of the most common problems.

Not having a hero for each role

One of the most common problems that Overwatch 2 players have to go through is in the Open Queue. Although Blizzard allows players to queue for a role and select what they want to play beforehand, some people are fans of the Open Queue because it allows them to find a game faster. Sadly, this has its cons, such as the one mentioned here.

Due to the fact that most Overwatch 2 players are interested in the DPS and Tank roles, not everyone is willing to play support. This is especially true in the lower ranks, where players need to realize the importance of the support role and often think that they can do well without it.

Sadly, there isn’t much you can do about it when you find yourself in this situation. If you are not a good support player, try talking to your teammates and tell them that you suck at the role and you will lose unless someone switches. Even though this will probably not have an impact, it is worth the shot.

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You will face game ruiners

While it is true that there aren’t that many game ruiners in the higher-tier Overwatch 2 games, this is not the case for people in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The stats show that the majority of players are in these leagues, so there is a high chance that you will come across this problem.

Game ruiners in Overwatch 2 can do all sorts of things to ruin the fun for others. In most cases, they refuse to pick a hero for the role they must fill and play whatever they want. For example, players get tanks instead of support, and vice versa. 

That said, there are also a lot of players who will start flaming their team for no reason, which causes some players to tilt. Fortunately, Blizzard made a solution, allowing people to leave the voice chat and even mute their team’s chat. This allows them to focus on their game.

Speaking of the devil, some game ruiners will pick specific heroes and try to ruin the game by abusing certain abilities. Mei is probably the first name that comes to mind. Ruiners will use Ice Wall to block their team. In some cases, you can also find supports that only focus on doing damage; another form of game ruining because the person is not fulfilling his role.

In some cases, you won’t be able to play with your friends

One of the things we’ve mentioned in the beginning is that Overwatch 2 players can play competitively with their friends. Some people do no like that, but others prefer to have someone to work with while grinding their desired rank. Sadly, this is where users may face some problems because the Overwatch 2 changes do not allow people to queue up together if they have a significant difference in rank.

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To be fair, most players expected this change because there is no point in a GM to queue with a Silver because the latter won’t be able to do much against people that are really good at the game. What’s more, adding such restrictions definitely has an impact on boost, which was another problem that Overwatch 2 players have to cope with.

Sadly, account-buying and boosts continue to be a problem

The fact that you’ve queued for a Competitive match means that you want to win and reach the next Overwatch 2 rank. Even though most people you meet in your games should be around the same skill level, this is not always the case. That’s because you will often play alongside or versus boosters and have boosted players on your team.

Playing with a booster is a good thing because this player should be way better than you can carry you to victory. However, the same can’t be said if you have to go up against him because this won’t be a pleasant experience.

In terms of having boosted platters on your team, this is probably one of the worst things that can happen. In most cases, those players have no idea what to do, and you can see that they’re boosted from miles away. Sadly, you can’t do much about it, so you just have to hope that they choose a hero that’s not that hard to play. Unsurprisingly, the worst thing that can happen is to have a boosted tank because tanks have a crucial role in Overwatch 2.

Other issues

Every experienced Overwatch 2 player knows that we’ve barely touched the surface `with the things we’ve mentioned so far. Unfortunately, people can be very innovative when it comes down to coming up with ideas about how to ruin fun for others. That’s the reason why Competitive play is not for everyone, and you have to be ready to deal with a lot of problems.

Those who are competitive and can cope with these things will succeed, but others won’t be so lucky.

Overwatch 2: Common Problems In Competitive Play
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