Overwatch 2: Big Mistakes Lifeweaver Players Make

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Overwatch 2: Big Mistakes Lifeweaver Players Make

Looking at the most common mistakes to avoid when playing as Lifeweaver, Overwatch 2's newest support hero.

A new season has come to Overwatch 2. With the Season 4 release came another multitude of in-game changes and cosmetic additions. But the most anticipated arrival is easily Hero 36, a.k.a. “Lifeweaver” – the first support character that can not only heal, but also reposition teammates and create a huge source of cover. To call the blossoming inventor's kit versatile is an understatement, as the Overwatch 2 developers also gave him good defensive and evasive capabilities.

With so much utility under his belt, it seems like a fun idea to try him at first. Unfortunately, Lineweaver's skillset still presents a few considerable kinks, like his unusually large hitbox and clunky ability mapping. What's more is that you need to constantly swap armaments to either heal or deal damage. Another common complaint is that players sometimes get pulled into bad positions (or worse) by inexperienced Lifeweavers.

These issues haven't gone unnoticed however. Within 48 hours of the start of Season 4, Overwatch 2 Game Director Aaron Keller announced that their team is currently looking into creating better controls for the plant-based healer.  There's also a big chance for a sizeable Lifeweaver buff in a mid-season patch sometime next week!

So while we wait for the cavalry to arrive, let's hone in on the gameplay issues most players face when they try Lifeweaver for the first time. Here are the biggest mistakes new players make with Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2:

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Not Positioning Well

Lifeweaver has 200 HP. Heroes of his caliber aren't meant for the frontline, so don't just dash into the objective and forget about the team you're supposed to be keeping alive. Look for high vantage points that let you target your allies for heals and finish off low-health stragglers. You can also peek behind corners since his Healing Blossom is a honing projectile that arcs around solid cover.

Not Curving His Healing Projectile

Healing Blossom will let you target an ally behind enemy barriers, but will still get blocked. Knowing that the projectile travels in an arc, you can redirect it to go around the enemy's shield. So unless it's Winston's bubble, you have to put more thought into “curving the bullet” when you're sustaining teammates behind enemy lines. It takes practice, but we believe in you.

Lifeweaver hasn't made it to Competitive play yet, but it's only a matter of time before we see the Overwatch 2's first controller hero impact the team-shooter's professional scene. The Overwatch League Pro-Am just ended, with the climax of the Overwatch World Cup still underway. If you're looking for early ways to bet on the Overwatch League, visit our betting guide here.

Misusing Rejuvenating Dash

Contrary to what the name tells you, Lifeweaver's Rejuvenating Dash sadly doesn't heal you all that much. But looking at the considerable cooldown and the dash distance, it's actually way better to use Rejuvenating Dash as an evasive ability. Try to save the dash for Reinhardt's Charge or enemy skillshots like Orisa's Energy Javelin. It'll also come in clutch when you're trying to avoid other ultimate abilities like Sigma's Gravitic Flux and Junkerqueen's Rampage.

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Underutilizing Petal Platform

At its current state, Petal Platform is pressure-sensitive can be activated with a single step. So first and foremost, ping it's location so that your allies won't accidentally trigger it.

Moreover, when you're fleeing, you can use Petal Platform to find higher ground to retreat to. And finally, when you see that an ally has their Ultimate ability ready (protip: press Tab) and you want to give them an improved vantage point, coordinate with them to use Petal Platform together. Soldier: 76, Cassidy and even B.O.B. can get a ton of more value at higher elevations.

Not Using Life Grip on Critical Allies

Last on this list, the biggest error we see a lot of Lifeweaver players make is pulling the wrong teammates with Life Grip. An isolated support getting dived by a Genji; a Junkrat falling into the backline with 4 HP;  your Tank getting pulled into the Ilios pit by the enemy Roadhog; these situations are great opportunities to save teammates in dire straits. But your main priority should always always always be allies in Critical condition.

As a bonus tip, while Life Grip is bringing your teammate towards you, make sure you're already charging up another Healing Blossom to maximize your healing potential.

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Overwatch 2: Big Mistakes Lifeweaver Players Make
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