Overwatch 2: Best Lifeweaver Combos in Season 4

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Overwatch 2: Best Lifeweaver Combos in Season 4

Here are some of the best Lifeweaver combos in Season 4 of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Season 4 is live, and it introduced several game and hero changes. We also got a new hero called Lifeweaver, and you can learn more about it by reading the complete hero guide.

Speaking of the devil, Lifeweaver is among the hottest heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 4. Besides being new, the hero also offers tons of utility because his abilities are unique.

Even though LW has been a part of Overwatch 2 for a few days, some of the world’s best players have already come up with different combos. That’s why we’re about to see the best Lifeweaver combos for Season 4 in Overwatch 2 and how to make the most of them.

General Information

If you go through the Lifeweaver Overwatch 2 guide, you will see that the hero has unique abilities that allow him to work with pretty much anyone. However, some heroes are better with him than others, so we will focus on them. Keep in mind that the best Overwatch 2 players in the world will come up with all sorts of tactics using this hero, so we can’t want to see what’s new.

Another thing that we want to point out is that pretty much all Overwatch 2 DPS heroes benefit from Lifeweaver’s platform because of the high-ground advantage. The fact that they can be in a position where they can attack and go back when needed is useful in many situations.



Despite the fact that Rein and Lifeweaver may not seem that good together on paper, in reality, these 2 heroes can do a lot on some maps. LW’s Petal Platform can allow Reinhardt to reach places where he otherwise can’t go to. In other words, the tank can use this to his advantage and surprise enemies from behind or kill an annoying opponent, such as a Widowmaker.

Another reason why some people think this is among the best Lifeweaver combos in Season 4 is because of Rein’s ult. Although he can’t cast it while in the air, the animation is cool because he has to jump from the air and smash the ground with his hammer. 

Another important thing to know is that the Firestrikes go through the Petal Platform. However, we expect this to change soon, so don’t count on it to snipe your opponents.

Although this subsection is about Rein, we also want to address Winston.  The latter is not that useful alongside Lifeweaver, but he can use the platform to jump much higher than before. Consequently, the hero can position himself in a way that would allow him to attack his opponents from behind.

Wrecking Ball

When talking about the best Lifeweaver Combos in Season 4, we need to mention Wrecking Ball. Considering this will be among the hottest tank in Overwatch 2 Season 4, we expect to see these 2 heroes a lot.

One of the main reasons why Ball is so good with Lifeweaver is because the tank can use his platform and attack it. In other words, Wrecking Ball has a free anchor point that he can use to deal damage. 

Another useful trick with LW’s platform is to use it to get some of your shields. However, this will only work if you are close to the edge, so keep that in mind. 


Zarya is also an interesting name to use alongside Lifeweaver because of the hero’s ultimate. If players time it correctly, they can capture their opponents onto the platform and lift them in the air.

Another reason this is among the best Lifeweaver combos in Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is that Zarya can use the boost to reach the high ground when needed. This is extremely useful against long-range DPS heroes because once she gets close, she can easily deal with them.



When it comes down to the Overwatch 2 DPS that works well with Lifeweaver, the first name we need to mention is Ashe. Besides the fact that she can use the platform to deal damage on her own if used correctly, B.O.B can be lifted in the air and deal damage from there. This can be extremely powerful when used correctly, but it is hard to set it up, so we don’t expect to see it that often.

Another reason why Ashe is on the list of the best Lifeweaver combos in Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is because of the support hero’s Life Grip. He can use this on BOB and position him even more efficiently.


Overwatch 2 Beta

One of the supports in Overwatch 2 that benefits from Lifeweaver’s platform the most is Baptiste. When the latter charges his jump, he can get on top of the platform and use it to heal his allies or deal damage. It may not seem that impressive, but this will be among the best Lifeweaver Combos in Season 4 because it makes this support way more efficient.

Sadly, you can’t use your Immortality Field when you are at the top, place it there, and expect to affect your teammates.


Moira Guide

The last hero that can work well with Lifeweaver (at least from our tests so far) is Moira. Even though it may not seem like a good combo, the latter can use her ult while she’s on the platform, as well as on targets that are there. This makes Moira incredibly strong because she is way more difficult to kill when enemies can’t see her. 

While we’re talking about Moira, it is worth knowing that the hero received several changes in Overwatch 2 Season 4. She can use Face during Coalescence, and her Lingering heal duration with Biotic Grasp is now 3s instead of 2s. Sadly, the hero will only get a 40% bonus movement speed while using Coalescence.


The Lifeweaver combos in Overwatch 2 Season 4 are just some of the things we came across during our tests. Needless to say, we expect to see a lot of new things in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for more information. Also, Season 4 introduced a lot of changes to the competitive scene, so take a look at the leading sites for betting on Overwatch 2 because you can find different options.

Overwatch 2: Best Lifeweaver Combos in Season 4
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