Overwatch 2: Best Genji Counters

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Overwatch 2: Best Genji Counters

Listing the strongest heroes that counter Genji in Overwatch 2 Season 4.

From the beginning, Overwatch's play structure always emphasized counter-picks. The right hero could effectively stop your enemy's killstreak and turn the tide. This applies even now, almost 7 years after Blizzard's popular shooter was released.

One of the most infuriating heroes to go up against is Genji, the cyborg ninja. If you're unfamiliar, he's the green fellow that jumps around, throws shuriken and yells in angry Japanese before pulling his Dragonblade out. This Damage hero's skillset has earned the ire of many players in lower ranks, and has even influenced the meta in seasons past. A while back, developers opted to buff his counters in an effort to level the playing field against ultra-proficient Genji mains. But what's changed?

Overwatch 2 Season 4 Genji Counters Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The thing about Genji is that he gets more value when he sneaks up on the enemy backline. Coincidentally, that's also where most support heroes hang out. And since everyone and their mother have been keen on trying the latest support hero that arrived in Season 4, more and more Overwatch 2 players have been getting acquainted with our fellow robo-swordsman.

Sick of always getting flanked by Overwatch 2's cyber-ninja? Here are the top 5 best hero counters who counter Genji:


Overwatch 2 Genji Counters

One of the strongest hero abilities in Genji's arsenal is his Deflect skill which allows him to return enemy projectiles to sender. Further, this also protects the Shimada from all melee attacks. Deflect, however cannot shield him from the electric coils that creep out of Winston's Tesla Cannon (no aim required btw).

Through the miracle of science, Winston's kit gives you enough to effectively distract if not alright counter the reformed assassin. His “bubble” shield comes in clutch when you need to engage in close-quarters or if you need to cover your exit. On top of that, the world's smartest ape can also jump across the map with his rocket boosters in case Genji tries to make a run for it. Lastly, Winston's ultimate also forces Genji to play defensively, even with Dragonblade out.

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Overwatch 2 Genji Counters

Next on our list is Zarya, whose Particle Canon lets her melt an enemy Genji while also providing protection for her teammates. Sans her alt fire, Zarya's Particle Canon beam becomes a better Genji counter as her Energy builds. This occurs when her Particle Barriers get hit by enemy attacks. Knowing this, not only is her beam undeflectable, but her support ability also saves allies when you get flanked.

Since Genji's mobility is his primary asset, a well-timed Graviton Surge can put him right where you want him. This also encourages your allies to focus in on the Damage hero to take him off the board. A stationary Genji is a dead Genji.


Overwatch 2 Genji Counters


Mai is a brawler hero in Overwatch 2, meaning that her kit gives her enough sustain and damage to outlast any opponent in a 1v1. This applies to Genji as well, as her Endothermic Blaster's primary fires a steady flow of ice that damages and slows opponents. She can also stop the flow of the fight using her Cryo-Freeze, which lets you safely heal for a short duration.

The ecologist can stand her ground and force Genji out of the fray with her ultimate ability which creates a freezing field in a wide radius. The name of the game is basically making Genji an easier target for the rest of your teammates. Finally, Use Ice Wall to deny chokepoints and block off your exit when you need to regroup.

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Overwatch 2 Genji Counters

The Vishkar architect's abilities are some of the hardest to go up against as a Genji player. Besides her main weapon being undeflectable, her Sentry Turrets can kill an opponent Genji's flow pretty quickly. Not only do they slow and hurt enemies, but a specific hardlight turret also notifies you when it is actively firing, giving you an approximate location of where Genji might be flanking.

Her ultimate ability Photon Barrier also gives everyone on your team an easy way to avoid Genji's shuriken. When caught in the crossfire, you can also use her teleporter to get out of dodge. Moreover, you can also send her sentry turrets through teleporters.


Overwatch 2 Genji Counters

Last on the list is arguably the best Support choice to counter Genji, Moira. The doctor from Talon siphons energy out of her foes with Biotic Grasp and uses the energy to restore health for her allies. Her alt-fire cannot be returned, however her Biotic Orbs can be deflected easily, so timing is key.

Her playstyle is very easy to grasp. Use Biotic Grasp to chip away at Genji's HP. Then if he tries to escape (or if you find yourself in a disadvantageous spot), use her Fade ability to get a speed boost while turning invisible and un-targetable.

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Overwatch 2: Best Genji Counters
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