Overwatch 2: Bastion New Abilities And Ultimate

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Overwatch 2: Bastion New Abilities And Ultimate

Blizzard unveils the new abilities and ultimate of Bastion in Overwatch 2.

As the original Overwatch is coming to an end with the last match of the Overwatch League, Blizzard shared some additional insight into Overwatch 2. Bastion is getting a rework, with updates to its abilities and ultimate.

Configuration: Recon

Configuration: Recon is Bastion's default setting. In this config, Bastion can move around and shoot bullets at medium range.

Overwatch 2 will see Configuration: Recon's weapon fire rate reduced by 50%. However, the sentry will be more accurate. The damage falloff range is increased, meaning the bullets will be more powerful at long range. The weapon spread is also reduced to 0, so all bullets will go where you are aiming, and not spread around the target.

Configuration: Sentry

When Bastion is not running around with Configuration: Recon, it turns into a powerful but immobile sentry turret with Configuration: Sentry.

The biggest update to Bastion in Overwatch 2 is that you can now move around while in Configuration: Sentry. Movement speed is decreased, but still; Bastion is now a mobile deadly gun turret.

Configuration: Sentry has unlimited ammo. To avoid making Bastion an absolute powerhouse, its weapon damage is reduced by 40%.

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Bastion can't switch freely between Configuration: Recon and Configuration: Sentry. It will take 8 seconds to change between the two modes, with a 10-second cooldown on the ability.


In the original Overwatch, Bastion could heal himself by holding the right mouse button. While you couldn't shoot while repairing, it was a powerful ability; allowing Bastion to survive even without support players.

This ability disappears with Overwatch 2, making support players essential for Bastion’s survival.

Tactical Grenade

To replace Self-Repair, Bastion is getting a new ability in Overwatch 2: Tactical Grenade. Bastion fires a tactical grenade which detonates after a short delay. Knocking back any enemies it strikes.

This grenade bounces off walls, but sticks to enemies and floors. Shortly after sticking to an enemy or the floor, it explodes.

Configuration: Artillery

Finally, Overwatch 2 brings Bastion a new ultimate — Configuration: Artillery. In this mode, Bastion locks to the ground and unleashes a powerful long-range artillery strike.

Unlike Bastion’s ultimate in the original Overwatch, players can manually select three different locations with Configuration: Artillery to strike anywhere on the map and surprise opponents.

Bastion now has a complete kit, with powerful abilities to destroy enemies at all ranges and control the entire map. The tactical grenade combined with the mobile Configuration: Sentry can be deadly, making Bastion an opponent not to ignore.

Overwatch 2: Bastion New Abilities And Ultimate
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