Overwach 2 Releases A Porsche-inspired D.va Skin, More To Come In Season 10

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Overwach 2 Releases A Porsche-inspired D.va Skin, More To Come In Season 10

The Overwatch x Porsche collab is definitely not for everyone, but many players will like it. Let’s see what it looks like.

Following the Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Behop collab, Blizzard has another surprise for us. This collaboration is even more unusual because it involves none other than Porsche. Yes, that Porsche, the brand behind the iconic 911, GT3 RS, and loads of other cars.

Overwatch x Porsche 

When talking about the Porshe Overwatch collaboration, the first thing we will see is a unique legendary skin for D.Va. It should arrive in Season 10, and, judging from the renders, it will be well worth it.

Of course, the D.Va skin will be just one of the many things that we’ll see from the Overwatch x Porsche collab. There will be two Legendary Skins (one more in addition to D.Va’s option), as well as new cosmetic items. 

According to Blizzard, they’ve chosen D.Va as one of the Legendary skins because of her merch’s function. If you analyze the skin, you can see that the back of it is inspired by the design of the Porsche Macan Electric, the brand’s most recent premium vehicle. 

What’s also interesting is that you can actually see a life-sized 7ft Statue of D.Va’s new Skin. The latter is created by Onyx Forge Studios, and it is at the Porsche Full-Service.

We expect to learn more information about the incredible Porsche Overwatch collaboration in the next couple of months. As mentioned, the skins will become available in Season 10, so expect more information.

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The Overwatch x Porshe collab is the latest one that Blizzard decided to be a part of. By the looks of it, we will see even more collaborations in the future, so make sure you follow us. Also, Season 9 is underway and it is really fun to play, so definitely give it a shot.

Overwach 2 Releases A Porsche-inspired D.va Skin, More To Come In Season 10
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