Nightingale Weapons Guide

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Nightingale Weapons Guide

Not sure what weapon to pick? Then look no further than this Nightingale weapons guide

Inflexion Games have just released the much awaited survival game Nightingale, and it plays as good as it looks. Set in a Victorian steampunk era, we see Earth falling victim to a disaster, which causes interdimensional travelers to flee to other realms. One such traveler is what the player can control, as you try and survive the hostile lands of Nightingale.

Surviving will require many tactics and resources, and weapons are pretty high on the priority list. That being said, in Nightingale, you’ll have the option to craft armaments just like in any other survival game, and it’s crucial to know which weapons will suit your playstyle. That’s why we conjured this article for you, so that you’ll know where and how to craft gear to send the intergalactic creatures to another dimension!

How to Craft Weapons

Nightingale Weapons Guide

Source: Jade PG on YouTube

Crafting is relatively the same as in all other survival games for Nightingale. You find the recipe for the weapon you wish to use, then gather the necessary materials required to craft them. After that, go to a crafting bench and find the weapon you want to craft. Weapons you can craft are highlighted in a bold black font, and if you don’t have the necessary materials, then the weapon name will be in red font. Lastly, press the craft button to spend your materials and make the weapon of your desire!

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Nightingale Weapons – Melee

Nightingale Weapons Guide

Source: Inflexion Games

From the multiple options available in the game, the weapons are mainly categorized into two classifications: melee and ranged. We’ll be looking at the melee weapons first and the materials you’ll need to craft them.

  • Makeshift Wood Axe (Crude) – 3x Rocks, 3x Sticks, 6x Plant Fibre
  • Makeshift Sickle (Crude) – 3x Rocks, 3x Sticks, 6x Plant Fibre
  • Simple Sickle (Marble) – N/A
  • Simple Maul (Marble) – N/A
  • Simple Wood Axe (Sandstone) – N/A
  • Simple Wood Axe (Marble) – N/A
  • Simple Mining Pick (Sandstone) – N/A
  • Simple Mining Pick (Sandstone) – N/A
  • Simple Mining Pick (Marble) – N/A
  • Makeshift Hunting Knife (Crude) – 3x Rocks, 3x Sticks, 6x Plant Fibre
  • Simple Hunting Knife (Marble) – N/A
  • Makeshift Mining Pick (Crude) – 3x Rocks, 3x Sticks, 6x Plant Fibre
  • Ornate Hunting Knife (Tin) – N/A
  • Torch (Softwood) – 5x Sticks, 5x Plant Fibre
  • Axepick (Iron) – N/A
  • Refined Climbing Pick (Iron) – N/A
  • Simple Hammer (Marble) – N/A
  • Simple Slingbow (Wood) – N/A
  • Simple Hunting Knife – 1x Stone Block, 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Straps
  • Simple Maul – N/A
  • Simple Sickle – 1x Stone Block, 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Straps
  • Simple Mining Pick – 1x Stone Block, 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Straps
  • Simple Wood Axe – 1x Stone Block, 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Straps
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Nightingale Weapons – Ranged

Knowing when to maintain a safe distance is always necessary in survival games like Nightingale, that’s why the game has ranged options that vary from simple bow and arrows, to hunting shotguns that deal outstanding damage to creatures.

  • Lee Metford Rifle – N/A
  • Webley Revolver – N/A
  • Single Shotty – N/A
  • Chassepot Rifle (Tin) – 1x Barrel, 1x Leather, 1x Stock, 1x Action
  • Lancaster Pistol (Tin) – 1x Barrel, 1x Wrap, 1x Stock, 1x Action
  • Smoothbore Shotgun (Tin) – 1x Barrel. 1x Fasteners, 1x Stock, 1x Action
  • Simple Slingbow – 1x Wood Bundle, 2x Straps

Aside from the ones shown here, there’s higher quality armaments for the same type of weapons, such as Refined and Ornate weapons. They’ll require higher grade materials to craft but are worth it in the long run due to their increased damage and stats.

That concludes our comprehensive guide for the list of weapons in Nightingale and how to craft them. WE hope this provides some guidance so that you can blast (or smash) your way through the intergalactic creatures in the faerie world of Nightingale! For more related articles, check out our Nightingale gathering guide or known fixes and issues for Nightingale.

Nightingale Weapons Guide
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