Nightingale Known Issues and Fixes

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Nightingale Known Issues and Fixes

Nightingale is in Early Access, and with that comes an expected host of issues and problems. In this article we'll look at some of the Nightingale Known Issues, bugs etc and how we can solve them.

Nightingale is a big game, there's a lot at play and it's an Early Access game. So, as expected the game has some issues. Below are some of the game's issues, the current fix, or best solution. If any issues are “fixed” we'll highlight that here, but keep them in the article just in case.

Nightingale third portal area stuck/Open the Portal and Defend Yourself Quest

So, the first major issue players have run into comes at the end of the tutorial area.

What's happening: Players either can't see the portal or the even is not working

Solution: Right now there isn't a 100% solution, however, restarting the game has worked in some case. An alternative solution is to use the “Help, I'm stuck” feature as shown below.

  • Possible solution – Make a new character, when the mobs spawn do no engage them and wait for the portal to fully open
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Open the Portal and Defend Yourself

Nightingale Crashes

What's Happening: Game crashing in multiple spots

Solution: Windows Update – GPU Drivers – Verifying files. No official fix

Nightingale 3rd Person Camera issues

What's Happening: The character is always looking at the ground in 3rd person

Solution: Go into 1st person (F5) and look up/straight ahead. Then return to 3rd person.

Nightingale Shovel Icons Bug

What's Happening: All icons are replaced with shovels

Solution: Visual bug, move over the icons to fix

Nightingale Authentication error on Steam Deck and Linux

What's Happening: Authentication issues on Steam Deck and Linux

Solution: Use the launch option “-ignore-windows-system-certs” to bypass the issue. You may need to also verify game files before/after doing this.

Nightingale Return home after playing with Friends

What's Happening: Stuck in a friend's realm with no way home?

Solution: Click the “Travel to Respite” option to return to your own realm and continue playing.

Nightingale Running out of GPU memory

What's Happening: Game not loading due to GPU memory issue

Solution: Hotfix planned to fix it as soon as possible


  • Hold the Windows key and press R.
  • This will bring up a run dialog window.
  • Enter: %localappdata%\NWX\saved\Config\WindowsClient in the text box and click ok.
  • This should bring you to the folder with your config files.
  • Open Engine.ini
  • At the end of the file, add:
    • [SystemSettings]
  • Save and restart Nightingale.
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Nightingale Keybinds/arrow keys

What's Happening: Issues with arrow keys being used for keyrebinds

Solution: Hotfix planned to fix it as soon as possible

Nightingale Shards Error

What's Happening: Not able to play in your realm due to server issues called a “Shards Error”

Solution: This is due to the game being in maintenance while it patches. You can read the latest patch notes here.

If you get this issue still, then you will need to close the game and Steam to make sure you have the update

Nightingale High Ping Not Connecting to Server

What's Happening: The game is placing you on the wrong server for your location

Solution: Current workaround while a fix is implemented:

  • Close the game and ensure no one is in the Realm for at least 10 minutes, this will reset the server
  • Try logging back into the character
  • Check the F2 menu and Region
  • Head to the developer website and report the issue

What's Happening: Either unable to get drop progress or not able to link accounts

Solution: One solution for mobile was to clear your Twitch App cache or make sure the app is up to date. Alternative solutions can be found below:

  • Close the browser and start again
  • Move to a different streamer
  • Make sure everything is connected via the “drops” section
  • Sadly, the last option is to contact Twitch
Nightingale Known Issues and Fixes
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