Nightingale Steam Charts and Player Count Tracker

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Nightingale Steam Charts and Player Count Tracker

Nightingale Steam charts and player base have been increasing since launch, but how does it rank against some of the other top releases in 2024?

Nightingale was released on February 20th 2024, 2 days earlier than it was supposed to be released. The game is more than just another survival crafting game, however, boasting a unique setting and interesting gameplay systems.  So, how is this unique Survival title doing on Steam? Let's take a look at the numbers below.

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Nightingale Steam Charts

Current Peak

Nightingale Steam charts

The game hit an impressive first-day peak of 47k late in the evening over in the USA. Generally, titles do so around this time, as it catches late-night European gamers staying up, while those early-bird US gamers are just starting to login for the night. The game held between 40k and 30k into the early hours, settling at 20k as we head into the European daytime hours. At around midday, however, the game was put into maintenance mode to apply the first set of hotfixes to the game. This was aimed at fixing a number of known issues with the title found in the first few hours.

Nightingale Player Count

Nightingale is one of the top-selling titles on Steam currently, as of publishing it's in the number 2 spot. It also has 140k wishlist requests, so we expected player count numbers to climb over the weekend. The game is not on console, however, it is also on Epic Games, so we suspect some people will be playing it on that platform as well.

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Nightingale Sales

We don't have any sort of official numbers as of yet publishing

Nightingale Reviews

Currently, Nightingale is holding onto a “mixed” review score, with around 55% of those being positive about the game. Most negative reviews have issues with server problems, and early game “roadblocks” stopping progress. Sadly, the game being online only is causing major issues for people.

Nightingale Steam Charts and Player Count Tracker
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