Nightingale Gems and Ore Explained

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Nightingale Gems and Ore Explained

What kind of survival game would it be if you didn't have to search for gems and ore? Don't worry, if you had any doubts, Nightingale gives you the chance. As in any game of this genre, finding Nightingale gems and ores is an important thing to be able to create many things in the game. In fact, you can use them to create various types of tools that will make your adventure easier. But where can you find them? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know.

Where to Find Nightingale Gems and Ore

In Nightingale, gem nodes look like rocks with sharp crystals poking out, while ore nodes appear rough and shiny, like black or metallic rocks. Sometimes, you might find both types of mining spots near each other in rocky areas, especially up north near the Realmic Transmuter site, close to the graveyard on a rocky hill (Forest Biome). Starting a mining base here could be a smart idea. But don't worry if you can't set up there. Other good spots for mining are near rivers, on the sides of cliffs, or in high places. Once you find these spots, just keep hitting the rocks until they break and gather whatever comes out.

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However, some gem and ore nodes are tough to break with the basic mining pick. Most of these nodes need a certain Gear Score level, no matter how fancy your pick looks. You can check your Gear Score in your inventory. If you missed this in the tutorial, don't worry. You need to reach a specific Gear Score to mine different gem and ore nodes. To boost your Gear Score, you have to make stronger mining picks.

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You can start with the Simple Mining Pick, which is easy to craft and makes mining easier. The basic pick is only good for breaking regular rocks. To craft the Simple Mining Pick, you will need these materials: a Stone Block, a Wood Bundle, and two Straps. For the Straps, you will need a Tanning Rack and some animal hide. As the gem and ore nodes become harder to break, you will need to keep making better equipment to keep up with your mining work.

Nightingale Gems and Ore Explained
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