How to Get Nightingale Stone Blocks

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How to Get Nightingale Stone Blocks

Gathering resources is a key thing in Nightingale. One of the resources on which you will have to focus your efforts, especially at the beginning, a part from Fibre, is the Nightingale Stone Blocks. These resources, in fact, are important for building many things in the game, so it is important that you know how to obtain them so that you are never short of this type of resource. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Nightingale Stone Blocks Location

Let's start by saying that Nightingale Stone Blocks can be found practically everywhere in the game world. Any biome you find yourself in is in possession of these resources, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find them. Since the Realms are generated procedurally and are different for each player, also based on the cards you decide to use, we cannot give you precise locations in which to look, but we can give you some advice to find these resources more easily.

The Nightingale Stone Blocks are mostly found near water basins or the sea. Be careful, though: don't get confused with simple rocks. These are larger rock clusters that allow you to get better-quality stones, which is useful for crafting certain things. They are usually round, but they can also appear in other shapes and sizes, so be very careful. However, since there are also hours that are similar, there is a way to understand if this is what you are looking for.

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Nightingale Stone Blocks
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Assuming and granted that you have a basic pickaxe, therefore not an upgraded one, if you approach the rocks and a green icon appears, it means that they are rocks and not hours, otherwise, it is not what you were looking for. However, this technique does not work if you have more advanced tools, as they are capable of mining even gems and ore. But don't worry: once you see these Nightingale Stone Blocks a couple of times, you'll know how to recognize them immediately.

To be able to get rocks out of the Stone Blocks, you need to have a pickaxe. Once you have it equipped, all you have to do is start hitting the Stone Block and the stones will gradually start to fall. Collect them and they will now be visible in your inventory and are ready to be used in crafting. Simple, right?

How to Use Stone Blocks in Nightingale

Stone Blocks are really useful when you start playing the game because you can use them to create many things. For example, you can make important stuff like Stone Foundations, which you need to build sturdy structures. Also, Stone Walls, Stairs, and Floors can be crafted using these blocks, helping you to build and decorate your surroundings. Another important thing you can make with Stone Blocks is the Estate Cairn. This structure is crucial early in the game, so having Stone Blocks to build it is essential.

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But wait, there's more! Stone Blocks aren't just for building. You can also use them to craft tools like Simple Climbing Picks, Simple Hunting Knife, and Simple Mining Picks. These tools can help you explore, hunt, and gather resources more effectively as you progress in the game. For this reason, you should always mine Stone Blocks in Nightingale when you have the chance to do it.

How to Get Nightingale Stone Blocks
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