How to Get Fibre in Nightingale

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How to Get Fibre in Nightingale

Every survival game is obsessed with using fibre in their crafting inventory. Nightingale is no different. We will look into how to get fibre in Nightingale

Fibre is an essential component when it comes to building or crafting structures in Nightingale. Additionally, the game’s tutorial starts off by asking you to build a tent using twelve sticks and six fibres. The game, however, fails to tell you where you can achieve said fibre. It simply tells you to pick it up from plants. This is made doubly difficult as you begin your journey in the desert biome, where it is difficult to find any of the required plants.

The game also has animal fibres, which are required to craft multiple items.

We will show you exactly how to find the plants that will fill your fibrous needs in the game.

How to Get Fibre in Nightingale

We will look into both kinds of fibre in this section.

Plant Fibre

Plant Fibre is the first thing that is needed to progress through the tutorial. The game simply asks you to find the fibre from plants. It fails to tell you which plants give you fibre. You might think you got unlucky and the plant did not provide you with fibre after the 50th stick you garner. However, specific plants only give you fibre.

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Fibre is usually found in two types of plants.

  • Small, thin, circular plants that have brown leaves
  • Tall ferns that grow near ponds and lakes.

A short harvesting trip around a pond will give you enough fibre to progress through the game. You will get around 20 fibres after one trip.

Animal Fibre

Animal Fibre is a way more straightforward form of fibre to gather. You simply have to kill an animal and garner their meat. You also need to have a simple tanning station.

Once you acquire the station, select your meat, and voila, you have animal fibre.

How to Get Fibre in Nightingale
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