Nightingale Charms, Enchantments, and Infusions: How to Use Them

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Nightingale Charms, Enchantments, and Infusions: How to Use Them

Nightingale has many upgrades you can use to enhance your gameplay. In this guide, we will be looking through Nightingale charms, enchantments, and infusions and how to use them

Nightingale is a survival game where you’re stranded in a world with multiple realms. You have to make your realm unique from others while surviving in a world filled with wild beasts. Throughout your journey, you will stumble across poisoned waters, ravaging beasts and other dangers.

To help you survive in this wild world, you can come across upgrades that make your life easier. These upgrades are enchantments, charms and infusions. Each has a unique perk, which gives the player a bonus. These bonuses can be added damage from a weapon or passive healing.

Nightingale Enchantments

As you progress through the game, you will pick up multiple spells littered throughout the realms. These spells are enchantments that you can apply to your weapons to make them deal additional damage. These enchantments can also do elemental damage if you find the appropriate spell for it.

How to apply Enchantments:

  • Open your inventory
  • Right Click an Enchantment
  • Choose Apply
  • Select the weapon you want to enhance

Nightingale Charms

Charms provide you with situational buffs. These are very specific buffs that give you a bonus for particular requirements. Charms can be applied to everything the player carries. An example of this is a charm that heals the player when they are in the water. These can be helpful against enemies who do water damage or while traversing poisoned swamp waters.

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How to apply Charms:

  • Open your inventory
  • Right Click a Charm
  • Choose Apply
  • Select the item you want to be charmed

Nightingale Infusions

Infusions are very important in Nightingale. You can find them everywhere as rewards for doing puzzles or helping NPCs. They come in different rarities, such as uncommon, rare, and epic. Infusions are not just stamina-related; they cover a broad spectrum of different multipliers. For example, some infusions can increase range rating, durability, range damage, strength, and magic power. There are tons of them!

How to apply Infusions:

  • Open your inventory
  • Right Click an Infusion
  • Choose Apply
  • Select the item you want to be infused

These bonuses help out a ton in gameplay and enhance the game overall for players. All the additions give players more things to continually discover while playing the game and have a blast while playing it.

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Nightingale Charms, Enchantments, and Infusions: How to Use Them
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