Next The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts November 16

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Next The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts November 16

The Division Resurgence's next Regional Beta begins November 16 for players in America, Canada, and Chile. Here's everything you need to know.

It's been over five months since Ubisoft's The Division Resurgence's last Regional Beta began. If you didn't get a chance to try it out before it ended in September, here's your chance.

The Division Resurgence's next Regional Beta goes live in less than a week, on November 16 for iOS and Android. Ubisoft will send invites to players in America, Brazil, and Australia. More than 1,300 devices will be compatible with The Division Resurgence, so nearly all invited players should have no issues running the game. 

How to Play The Division Resurgence's Second Regional Beta

Ubisoft will send out limited invites to pre-registered players in America and Brazil. They will send these out in several waves, beginning on November 16. 

For those living in Australia, you're lucky and don't have to worry about Ubisoft sending you an invite or not. Ubisoft is opening the game to interested players in Australia. So long as you have a compatible device, you can dive into The Division Resurgence. 

More than 1,300 devices will be compatible with The Division Resurgence, so nearly all invited players should have no issues running the game. 

Content Creator Early Access & Access Code Giveaways

If you're a content creator interested in making content for The Division Resurgence, you might want to sign up for the Content Creator program. 

Select content creators in the Ubisoft Creator Program will gain early access to The Division Resurgence's second Regional Beta, beginning November 14 instead of November 16. Additionally, Ubisoft will supply these content creators with additional access codes, which they can distribute to their fans. If Ubisoft doesn't give you beta access directly, that doesn't mean you're out of luck. Keep tabs on the #TheDivisionResurgence hashtag on Twitter/X to see which content creators are hosting access code giveaways. 

Even if you're not a content creator, post your The Division Resurgence gameplay with the hashtag #TheDivisionResurgence on Twitter/X and tag the official The Division Resurgence account. 

For the entirety of Regional Beta 2, they will select players who tag them and reward them with access codes you can share with friends. 

What to Expect from The Division Resurgence Second Regional Beta

Players can expect to enjoy some of The Division Resurgence's early Story missions, side missions, and PVP content and dive into the PvPvE game mode, The Dark Zone. 

Ubisoft has reworked the Tutorial to further improve the experience for newcomers to The Division and make it quicker for veterans to breeze through to get right into the gameplay. Players will be able to test all four Specializations of Demolitionist, Bulwark, Vanguard, and Field Medic to decide which works best for them.

Ubisoft has introduced the solo activity Lone Wolf Challenges to The Division Resurgence, which will allow players to see the limits of their current character build at any time. Completing Lone Wolf Challenges quickly and completing multiples in a row will increase the quantity and quality of the rewards you receive. 

Ubisoft has also added Legendary Instance Challenges, which are the endgame of endgame Co-Op content, and they refresh on a weekly basis. Players can also enter Dark Zones solo and will face off against other solo players. 

All maps and missions will now have Recommended Power Scores to serve as a metric players can use to see if they're likely to clear a piece of content (Though these recommendations are not hard Power Score requirements). Recommended Builds will be available for all players to consider using, though this will be most useful to new players to the franchise who are still learning the ropes. 

The Armory is getting several upgrades, with equipment now falling into Tier 0, Tier 1, and Tier 2 categories, plus a new proficiency system. Players can obtain Tier 0 and Tier 1 equipment from equipment crafting and most challenges in content. Players can only receive Tier 2 equipment from Legendary Challenges.

Players can complete Proficiency tasks for their favored weapons to increase those weapons' Proficiency levels and obtain materials to improve their effectiveness. OS Protocols are brand new equipment in The Division Resurgence that can buff various stats and enable players to further optimize their character builds. Ubisoft has also given Battle Pass rewards and Sealed Cache rewards significant buffs, giving players more bang for their buck and efforts. 

Don't Forget to Pre-Register

Ubisoft is planning on launching The Division Resurgence sometime early next year, with the second Regional Beta running through the end of 2023. Ubisoft has hinted at a SEA test sometime in the future. If this second Regional Beta is anything like the first, your progression will not carry over into the global launch. Players who spend money during the beta will receive compensation after the global launch.

Make sure you pre-register to get these rewards when The Division Resurgence launches!
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The Division Resurgence currently has over 5 million account pre-registrations. Everyone who pre-registers will receive these rewards when the game launches and the community needs to hit 15 million to receive everything. If you haven't pre-registered already, make sure to do so now. 

Next The Division Resurgence Regional Beta Starts November 16
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