Next FF14 Live Letter Set for 12 May!

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Next FF14 Live Letter Set for 12 May!

The next FF14 Live Letter is right around the corner, here is everything you need to know and can expect!

You read right! The next Letter from the Producer LIVE (77) is right around the corner. While the date couldn't be more unfortunate, it'll no doubt be an exciting one.

This time around we get Part 2 of the 6.4 Patch's coverage and a release date for it. And here is everything you need to know about the upcoming FF14 Live Letter.

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FF14 Live Letter 77 Airs on May 12

The next Live Letter will air on Friday, May 12 at 11:00 (GMT) / 12:00 (BST) / 21:00 (AEST). The starting time is of course still subject to change.

You can watch the Live Letter on YouTube, Niconico, and Twitch. VODs will be available soon after airing.

Please do keep in mind that these Live letters will be completely in Japanese, the slides will also feature English text. We'll of course have our summary up as soon as possible after airing here.

The show will feature the 2nd part of patch 6.4 info. We've already covered the first part in great detail here but expect more information and details to be revealed on May 12.

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What to Expect

The stream will probably open with the official trailer for Endwalkers 6.4 patch: The Dark Throne as well as a release date. If there are no delays, the patch will probably release on May 23rd or May 30th.

FF14 Patch 6.4 will probably wrap up the post-Endwalker storyline and will also give us the first clue as to where the next expansion might lead us. And will come with a huge amount of content before we enter the pre-expansion dry period.

But here's a quick rundown of everything we're gonna see:

The new patch will feature as always a new dungeon as part of the Main Quest Scenario as well as a trial. That trail will of course also come with an extreme version of the encounter where you can earn a new weapon for the upcoming raid.

Upcoming raid? Upcoming raid. The final tier of the Pandemonium raids will also be part of this patch, wrapping up the storyline around Lahabrea and the ancient's dirty little secret while also offering 4 more encounters for players to master.

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A week later, there'll also be the release of the Savage tier. This will include remixed, harder versions of the original encounters with an extra phase for the last boss, for fun! And pain. Here you can also earn the best in slot equipment.

With a new round patch number, there is also the inclusion of the new tomestones for FF14, the Allagan Tomestones of Comedy which you can earn to get through gear alternative means.

With the new patch, Final Fantasy 14 will also receive the second entry to the Variant and Criterion Dungeons. The new one will take us back to the far east but we have yet to learn the details.

Don't worry, you don't have to complete the previous Variant/Criterion Dungeon in order to challenge this one.

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Next up is the first big expansion to the popular Island Sanctuary. We got a minor update to the content with 6.3 but there is much, much more to come with new Ranks to climb, buildings to build, and creatures to catch.

We don't have any details on what this update will look like, but they teased a new area for you to explore and gather materials in. Maybe we'll even get an expansion to our Island Sanctuary.

And with a new patch, we'll, of course, get the usual in regards to quality of life updates, and balance adjustments for jobs in PvE and PvP.

We'll of course have a detailed summary of FF14's newest Live Letter here on ESTNN

Next FF14 Live Letter Set for 12 May!
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