New Enshrouded Hotfix #10 Ships Urgent Bug Fixes, Addresses Known Issues

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New Enshrouded Hotfix #10 Ships Urgent Bug Fixes, Addresses Known Issues

After releasing a massive content update, the Enshrouded dev team has released a hotfix for the bugs that have been bothering players in the game after the new patch release.

Enshrouded is a co-op survival action RPG game developed by Keen Games. The game launched in late January, and opened up to good reviews, with likely praise for it's Dark-Souls like combat.

After a massive Hollow Halls content update Enshrouded developers have also teased players of whats to come in the roadmap for the game. The game also fixes an issue that caused enemies to freeze, mostly after a long gameplay session. The hotfix notes reveal a dozen of bug and crash fixes in-game, which addressing a list of known issues. As usual, a new content update drop introduces a host of bugs, glitches, and exploits, and Enshrouded Hotfix #10 seeks to deploy fixes for them, if not all of them.

“You are Flameborn, last ember of hope of a dying race. Awaken, survive the terror of a corrupting fog, and reclaim the lost beauty of your kingdom. Venture into a vast world, vanquish punishing bosses, build grand halls and forge your path in this co-op survival action RPG for up to 16 players.” reads the offical bio for the game on Steam.

The massive update introduced new quests for players, brand new crafting stations, along with a list of other gameplay improvements.

Stability improvements, along with several crash fixes, also make up for the list of changes and additions in Hotfix #10 for Enshrouded that ship fixes for the massive Hollow Halls Content update. Players should also note that the game is in early access, and everything is subject to change as the game developers prepare the game for a full-fledged 1.0 version update. The game is expected to remain in the early access stage for 10–12 months, and the survival title has gained popularity mostly because of its Dark Souls-esque combat.

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Hitting summoned hollow hounds should no longer incorrectly damage the summoners, as this bug has been hastily fixed by the developers of Enshrouded. On the other hand, the Hotfix #10 also address a series of known issues as Keen Games plans to ship a fix for them in the future updates.

The Enshrouded Hotfix shares the Version Number: 511168, and is labeled as Hotfix #10. The full patch notes OR the Hotfix Notes, the bug fixes can be found below:

• Fixed an issue that could lead to enemies no longer moving after playing a longer session.
• Fixed an issue with flickering roof textures when tessellation is enabled on some AMD GPUs. -> **Known issue:** there are some other flickering textures with tessellation issues on some AMD GPUs
• Fixed a missing recipe for Blue Luminescent Blocks. -> **Known issue:** the glow is tinted green at the moment.
• Fixed several rare crashes.
• Hitting summoned Hollow Hounds no longer damages the summoners.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the rage phase of melee Hollows to not use the correct eye VFX.
• Fixed an issue with gold and silver sarcophagi to not use the correct loot pool. The chance for Hollow Halls-specific loot should be higher now.
• Fixed a few visual issues with assets in the Hollow Halls such as incorrectly flickering braziers.
• Fixed Hollow Elite's textures not properly dissolving when defeated.
• Fixed some instances of incorrect ambient sounds in the Hollow Halls.

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To view the full changes in the Enshrouded patch, click here.

Enshrouded Hotfix #10 is available to ship on available platforms on Wednesday, March 27.

The Hollow Halls update introduced a slew of new content to the game, and the hotfixes intend to fix the bugs and crashes introduced to the game via content updates. As always, Enshrouded Hotfix #10 doesn't contain any huge content additions, but a slew of crash fixes and stability improvements that intend to improve gameplay experience for players across all available platforms. However, as of now, the game is only available on PC via steam, and intends to release on other platforms in the near future.

Enshrouded is now available to play on PC on early-access via Steam. The survival title is slated to be available on more platforms including the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S as it moves out of early access in late 2024.

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