MW3 Campaign Characters Joining Multiplayer as New Operators

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MW3 Campaign Characters Joining Multiplayer as New Operators

Two new operators are set to join MW3 Multiplayer from the Campaign

Activision continues adding new content to their latest addition in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3. The game has seen a surge of active players since the developers decided to add more new content. Starting from new weapons, balancing, events, and even Season 1 Reloaded, these updates have added a fresh feeling for players allowing the game to thrive further. Events like CODMAS, Vortex War’s Domain, and Supe Siege Event have breathed new life into the MW3.

So let’s take a look at the latest update which is set to be added to the game, which is two new operators from the rebooted Modern Warfare campaign.

New Operators from MW3 Campaign

The new operators that are going to be added to the game soon are Kate Laswell and Milena Romanova. Both are characters that have been featured in the story and have grown as favorites among the player base. Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, we are expecting Laswell to join the SpecGru Faction alongside her comrades like Price and Ghost, while Milena is set to join Makarov and Nolan in the KorTac Faction. This is based on their stance and the characters they confide within the story.

These characters are set to be playable in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. The news was leaked through a recent promo by the developers of Modern Warfare 3, where Laswell’s picture was seen. Later information regarding Milena was found in datamined files. The players will be offered a fresh choice in the current pool of Operators after the two are added.

Milena Romanova

Milena Romanova was first seen in the new Modern Warfare story during MW2 Season 4. She is a real estate agent and a financier for the Konni Group. She later met Makarov after marrying an oligarch who knew him. She inherited her husband's wealth and funded all of Makarov’s operations. Even after the terrorist was arrested after the attack in Verdansk, she remained with Konni and provided financial support to the group.

MW3 Campaign Characters Joining Multiplayer as New Operators

Credit: Activision

During the events of MW3’s campaign, she was tracked down by Ghost and Soap. During the operation, the members of Task Force 141 were able to successfully find her and extract information on Makarov.

Kate Laswell

Kate Laswell has been an important part of the team after Modern Warfare started with its newly rebooted story. She has been close with all members of Task Force 141 and has assisted the team during numerous operations. She has been featured in all the Modern Warfare games. She worked with the Station Cheif and provided technical support to the playable characters.

MW3 Campaign Characters Joining Multiplayer as New Operators

Credit: Activision

During the campaign of MW3, we got to play as her during the Mission “Deep Cover”. That was the only time she was playable in the entire story so far. Besides the campaign, she also appears in Zombies but remains non-playable.

When will they be added?

The information about when the characters will be added as operators has not been revealed yet. As the whole thing came out as a leak and not an official announcement from Activision, it is not yet confirmed when exactly the operators will be updated. However, we can expect the developers to soon come up with their own announcement and release any details regarding the update along with it.

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MW3 Campaign Characters Joining Multiplayer as New Operators
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