New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Has An Amusing Easter Egg

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New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Has An Amusing Easter Egg

The new bundle for CoD MW3 gun skin comes with an amusing easter egg

Activision has recently added a new bundle to their latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3. The bundle has a skin for a couple of weapons and other items like operator skins, calling cards, weapon charms, and stickers. However, one of the skins in the bundle, which is for the Rival 9 SMG, has attracted a lot of attention amongst the players. This is because the skin has an interesting inspection animation. The animation has been teased before the bundle’s release on Twitter/X in the official Call of Duty Account.

Since the bundle has finally made its way into the game, let's look at the entire bundle and the animation that has everyone excited.

New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Easter Egg

The skin that has everyone excited about in the bundle is named the Arcade Rhythm and is for the Rival 9 SMG. The skin looks good with the bright colors and retro designs, but the main attraction for this is the inspection animation. The animation pokes fun at one of the memes that were quite prominent when Advanced Warfare was out. The meme is about the Update Requires Restart part of the game.

New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Has An Amusing Easter Egg

Credit: Activision

When you start the animation, your operator looks at the screen that is on your gun as a part of the skin. After a short loading screen appears, a message pops up displaying the famous line, “Update Requires Restart”. Your operator shows signs of being frustrated with his hands. The animation represents the frustration of the entire community when these prompts are shown on the screen.

All Items in the Bundle

As we mentioned above, the skin is a part of a bundle that includes many other items. There are other things like calling cards, weapon stickers, and charms. A complete list of all the items are mentioned below:

  • High Score – Doc Operator Skin
  • Arcade Rhythm – Rival 9 Weapon Blueprint
  • Coin Feeder – MTZ Interceptor Weapon Blueprint
  • Ways to Unwind – Calling Card
  • Rocket Commander – Weapon Sticker
  • Arcade Rhythms – Weapon Charm
  • I Win – Loading Screen
  • Retro Cabinet – Emblem

Bundle Price

The entire bundle costs COD Points, 2400 to be exact. The main highlight of the entire bundle is the Rival 9 skin, but since there is no option to buy the skins individually, you’re going to have to pay for the whole bundle. This definitely makes many players hesitant to buy the bundle, as you are paying for more than one may actually want to have.

New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Has An Amusing Easter Egg

Credit: Activision

Many players may feel like the bundle is not worth buying. Considering all other bundles previous bundles, this one is very much worth it. The bundle has 8 items of which 2 are very impressive-looking gun blueprints.

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New CoD MW3 Gun Skin Has An Amusing Easter Egg
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