MrBeast Launches Influencer-Led Esports Creator League

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MrBeast Launches Influencer-Led Esports Creator League

In partnership with eFuse, MrBeast has launched a new Esports circuit called the Creator League.


The Creator League is a new and massive influencer-led Esports circuit. Beginning Season 1 with influencers and organizations with a combined social media reach of over 225 million, Creator League will be an interactive Esports experience where fans can get closer to their favorite influencers and influence the decisions their favored influencer/organization makes throughout the season.

Creator League Season 1 Competitors

The eight competitors for Season 1 of Creator League are:

  • Bella Poarch
  • CDawgVA
  • Clix
  • IShowSpeed
  • OpTic Gaming (Co-captained by HECZ and Scump)
  • OTK (Captained by Mizkif)
  • Sapnap
  • Vinnie Hacker

Each of the eight competitors will manage their teams but don't necessarily have to play themselves. But if Call of Duty ever happens to come out, expect Call of Duty Legend Scump to step in and destroy the competition. 

Creator League Community Pass

Purchasing a Community Pass will give fans access to tons of Creator League benefits.
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Fans can purchase a Community Pass for $19.99. These Community Passes are specific to one team and one team only. Fans that have these will gain access to tons of benefits, including:

  • Ability to enter community tournaments and events
  • Ability to join their favored influencer's/organization's team
  • Influence Creator Team draft decisions
  • Exclusive community sweepstakes, prizes, and merch
  • VIP fan experiences, including AMAs and private Discord channels
  • Ability to shape certain aspects of Creator League in the future through poll voting
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Those who purchase a Community Pass before September 8, 11:59 PM EST, will also receive a free box of Feastables. 

Fans have already received the Community Pass experience very well. They're so eager to join that it's causing Creator League issues where users try to sign up for a Community Pass. 

Creator League has acknowledged the issue on Twitter and is working on it as we speak. After Creator League has resolved these issues, you can purchase a Community Pass here. Remember that these are of limited quantities, so act now. 

Tournament Format & Schedule

Season 1 of Creator League begins in September and will run through March 2024. It will have four Splits, with the first starting September 8 with a Fortnite tournament (Fitting, given MrBeast's connection to Fortnite). Community Pass holders will help decide the game of choice for the remaining three Splits. 

Before the official tournament begins, eFuse will host a $50,000 three-day open qualifier from September 8-10. Anyone can participate, including those without a Community Pass. Along with a share of the $50,000 prize pools, competitors can earn a spot on their favorite Creator's team. 

Teams in the Creator League will face off in three different Fortnite game modes in Split 1.
Image Source: @Creator League

On September 13, Creators will start drafting their teams and strategizing with the help of their respective Community Pass holders. Split 1 will officially begin on September 19, consisting of matches of 3v3 zero-build Fortnite tournaments in Hardpoint, Capture the Flag and Oddball modes. The playoffs and Grand Finals will run from October 3 to October 5 to determine the winner of Split 1 and who gets the spoils of a $200,000 prize pool. 

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How to Watch

Fans can watch the action of eFuse's official Twitch channel or any of the Twitch channels of the Creators:

MrBeast Launches Influencer-Led Esports Creator League
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