Mei Disabled in OW2 – Hero Frozen For At Least Two Weeks

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Mei Disabled in OW2 – Hero Frozen For At Least Two Weeks

The hero Mei has been disabled from Overwatch 2 due to a bug.

Overwatch 2 has just gotten most of its characters back in the fold, but it’s lost another hero. No one’s been removed fully, but yet another of the Overwatch 2 heroes has been temporary disabled from the game thanks to another bug. This time, it’s Mei disabled in OW 2.

Mei has been disabled from the game late on Halloween night. The character won’t be showing up in rosters for a while. She’ll be unselectable and removed until she can be fixed. Just like with the earlier heroes that got taken out, it’s because of a glitch that’s easy for players to exploit.

Mei Disabled in OW 2

Mei - Mei Disabled in Overwatch 2

Mei has been disabled in Overwatch 2 thanks to a pretty specific bug. Mei’s Ice Walls allows players to set up an ability to block out enemy players. With good map knowledge it can be incredibly useful. It can be tricky to use unless you know the Mei Overwatch 2 kit well. Although, it can also provide great map control. The current problem seems to be that it isn’t being used in a way that’s intended. Instead, it’s allowing players to do things that they shouldn’t.

A Mei player and a Kiriko can work together for an unintended exploit. By combining Ice Wall with Swift Step, players can get into the map’s physical geometry and essentially go through walls. This might even keep Kiriko safe from danger while shooting at players. This is a big enough issue, so you can see why Mei disabled in OW 2 has happened.

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Mei can currently use the ice walls to block off enemies, but also push other players upwards and reach areas where they normally can’t. However, inside the walls itself is a bit much.

When Will Mei be Back?

Mei is going to be out of the game until at least the next major patch. In their official word on the subject, Blizzard said this would be November 15th. That’s the pencilled in-date. Mei fans might only have a bit longer than two weeks to wait if they want to play the character again. Although, that’s dependent on how easily their fixes for Mei go ahead. Disabled characters don’t always come back too quickly. If Blizzard can fix the problem though, you should be able to play as Mei again by November 15th.

Overwatch’s Bugs

This isn’t the first full character to get turned off. The news of Mei disabled in OW 2 comes after Bastion, and there’s more bugs out there. Some other characters currently have some pretty big bugs which could see them turned off too if the bug becomes widely enough known. Issues are going to happen. However, having to cycle through so many characters in-game this far into release isn’t the best look right now! At least the increasingly expensive cosmetics seem to work fine.

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Some fans have even been relatively calm about the removals. Instead, just likening it to Hero Pools. Why cycle through legal Heroes when you can just remove them regularly enough that it achieves the same effect?

For now, Mei might be the only character disabled. Although, players have found other bugs in the game. That could mean even more heroes are due to get shut off soon enough.

In the meantime Mei mains have a couple of choices. You could do what the Overwatch challenges are always pushing you to, and play a different character! Or you could check out and wait for her to make a return. Although, with the Battle Pass end date ticking ever closer now might be a great time to switch up your main and build a better secondary until Mei makes a comeback.

Mei Disabled in OW2 – Hero Frozen For At Least Two Weeks
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