Mastering Egg Sequencing – No Man’s Sky’s Guide

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Mastering Egg Sequencing – No Man’s Sky’s Guide

If you are looking for the perfect companion, our Mastering Egg Sequencing No Man's Sky Guide will help you create the ultimate companion to accompany you on your journey through the cosmos

The No Man's Sky Companions update introduced creature taming and customization. The Egg Sequencer, located within the Space Anomaly, empowers players to edit Companion Egg genes, shaping unique creatures to accompany them. This guide delves into mastering the Egg Sequencer for customized companions.

Mastering Egg Sequencing

Mastering Egg Sequencing - No Man's Sky's Guide
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Here is all you need to know to become a master at sequencing eggs to create the perfect companion for you!

Understanding the Egg Sequencer

The Egg Sequencer is a Space Anomaly service that offers players the ability to modify Companion Eggs' genetics. Four key aspects can be edited: Weight/Height, Color, Temperament, and Splicing Genes. These edits can lead to the creation of more desirable creatures or entirely new species. The process involves using different items, each with unique effects in the four editing slots. The outcome depends on both the item and its quantity used.

How to Utilize the Egg Sequencer

The Egg Sequencer is deceptively simple, offering five distinct slots with specific functions. The top slot is for your egg inventory, while the remaining four slots allow you to adjust weight, height, anatomy, color, and personality. You can use a wide range of in-game resources in these slots, but this versatility makes it challenging to master without community documentation. Experimentation is key.

Materials used in the Egg Sequencer can either enhance or diminish specific traits, and some have the intriguing ability to “Overdose” the egg, leading to more mutations and unique appearances within the same family.

How to Obtain Eggs

Mastering Egg Sequencing - No Man's Sky's Guide
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Collecting eggs is a fundamental step in breeding creatures in No Man's Sky. To begin, an animal must become your companion. Here's the process:

  1. Feed the creature once to initiate the companion bond.
  2. Once it becomes your companion, you will receive a prompt to register it in your list of companions.
  3. After this registration, a 24-hour countdown begins, indicating when the creature can lay an egg.

Should the option to register a creature as your companion not be immediately available, you can build a strong relationship with it by spending time together and ensuring it's well-fed.

Keep in mind these key points:

  • Each creature can usually lay fewer than five eggs during its lifetime.
  • The creature must be in its native climate to lay an egg.
  • It cannot lay eggs when it's still in the young phase.
  • You can't take a pet from one type of planet and have it lay an egg on another; the creature must be in its native environment.
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Companion Catalogue

Mastering Egg Sequencing - No Man's Sky's Guide
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Once you've modified your companion eggs, you can catalog them in the Companion Catalogue. Here are some key details:

  • Companion seeds discovered by players in various eras can be found in the Companion Catalogue.
  • You can generate multiple eggs with different creature values.
  • The total limit is 18 pets and 18 eggs per save file.
  • To create an egg in the save editor, players can use a specific code, which must be placed in one of their inventory folders. This allows players to obtain a wide variety of companion creatures.

Companion Pets Mechanics

Companion pets are creatures that can be tamed and adopted as your companions. They offer various practical benefits, such as scanning for resources, marking hazards, providing torchlight, hunting hostile creatures, locating buildings, digging up treasures, and deploying their shoulder-mounted mining lasers. Each companion has a unique personality shaped by its species and ecosystem role.

With the Alien Neuro-Translation feature, you can understand and communicate with your companion on a basic level, allowing them to share their feelings and react to your commands.

Egg Sequencer Modifications

The Egg Sequencer offers various modification capabilities:

  • Dye Injector: Used to modify the color of a Companion Egg, offering specific color outcomes based on the item used.
  • Gene Splitter: Allows modification of potential companion creature body parts, with outcomes determined by the materials used.
  • Growth Hormone: Modifies the potential companion creature's size, either larger or smaller, based on the items used.
  • Neural Calibrator: Changes the temperament of the companion creature, influencing aggression, independence, and helpfulness.

The outcome of these modifications depends on the materials used and their quantities, leading to unique and diverse results. It's essential to exercise caution while modifying creatures, as overdosing can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Easy Materials to Use

To make modifications to your creature, the egg sequencer offers various slots, each with its unique purpose:

Growth Hormone Slot

Within the Egg Sequencer, the Growth Hormone Slot serves as a critical tool to adjust your companion creature's size. Depending on your preference, you can either increase or decrease their size by choosing the right materials.

  • To make your creature larger and more imposing, Sodium, Silver, or Oxygen are excellent resources to employ.
  • Conversely, if you'd like a smaller and more compact companion, you can achieve this by opting for materials like Ferrite Dust, Copper, or Tritium.
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These resources give you precise control over the physical characteristics of your creatures, allowing you to customize them according to your preferences.

Dye Injector Slot

The Dye Injector Slot in the Egg Sequencer is your key to customizing your companion creature's color in No Man's Sky. Using specific resources, this slot allows you to transform your creature's appearance according to your preferences.

  • If you're aiming for a vibrant green hue, opt for Ammonia. Carbon is the choice for striking red with delightful blue accents. Experiment with Condensed Carbon for a captivating blend of red with gray or green accents.
  • To give your creature a stunning purple color, select Uranium, or go with Antimatter for striking white with alluring red accents. If you desire an elegant brown color, choose Sodium, while Pure Ferrite delivers an enchanting fusion of orange with charming purple accents.

These unique resources enable you to craft your creature's appearance to align with your artistic vision.

Neural Calibrator Slot

The Neural Calibrator Slot within the Egg Sequencer plays a crucial role in shaping your companion creatures' personalities. With a diverse array of resources at your disposal, you can tailor your companion's traits, making them either more independent or devoted to your cause.

  • To foster a consistently helpful and supportive companion, consider using materials like Oxygen, Ferrite Dust, or Carbon.
  • If you prefer a more assertive and aggressive companion, the introduction of resources such as Indium, Phosphorus, or Salt into the Neural Calibrator Slot will significantly influence their temperament.

Your choices here will directly impact how your companion engages with you and the surrounding world, ensuring that each creature in your collection has a unique role to play in your No Man's Sky adventure.

How to Overdose

Overdosing is a unique feature of the egg sequencer, which can enhance the randomness of genetic changes in the resulting creatures. The ability to overdose is limited to the middle two slots, and specific materials are required to achieve this effect.

For example, Pugneum and Platinum are known to overdose the Gene Splitter slot. Regardless of the materials used, when overdosed, the results will indicate “Unstable,” signifying that the creature may exhibit unexpected genetic variations.


Master the Egg Sequencer to craft unique creatures with distinct traits in No Man's Sky's Companion update. Exercise caution to avoid overdosing and unleash the perfect companion for your cosmic journey.

Mastering Egg Sequencing – No Man’s Sky’s Guide
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