All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man’s Sky Guide

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All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man’s Sky Guide

Whether you are a newcomer or a space-pro, this No Man's Sky Guide will cover all you need to know about Salvaged Data, one of the most beneficial resources in the cosmos

No Man's Sky, the expansive and ever-evolving space exploration game, offers players an almost limitless universe to discover and explore. One of the key resources in the game is Salvaged Data, a valuable currency used to unlock blueprints for various technologies and structures. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Salvaged Data in No Man's Sky, from how to find it to its various uses and even some tips and tricks to make the most of this resource.

The Significance of Salvaged Data

Before we dive into the details of how to acquire Salvaged Data, let's understand its importance in the No Man's Sky universe. This resource is the in-game currency used to purchase blueprints that enable players to construct bases, farms, and other essential structures. These blueprints range from simple wooden arches to advanced technologies like the Nutrient Processor, which allows you to tame and ride animals.

In essence, this resource is the key to progress in No Man's Sky, enabling players to improve their base, enhance their equipment, and unlock new gameplay possibilities. Each blueprint comes with a cost in terms of Salvaged Data, and the more complex the technology, the higher the cost. For instance, the Nutrient Processor requires a substantial 10 Salvaged Data to unlock. Therefore, collecting them is a vital part of your journey in No Man's Sky.

How to Find Salvaged Data

All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMansSkyWiki

Now that we've established the importance of Salvaged Data, let's explore how to find it in the vast universe of No Man's Sky. They are primarily obtained by unearthing Buried Technology Modules, which are hidden underground on the various planets you visit. To locate these modules, follow these steps:

1. Equip your Analysis Visor

Before you begin your search, make sure you have an Analysis Visor. If you don't have one, craft it using one Carbon Nanotube.

2. Scan Your Surroundings

Upon landing on a planet, activate your Analysis Visor and scan your surroundings. Look for an icon that resembles a downwards-pointing arrow with a Wi-Fi-like symbol on it. This icon indicates a Buried Technology Module.

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3. Tag the Buried Technology Module

Once you spot the icon, tag it using your Analysis Visor. This will create a waypoint marker guiding you to its location.

4. Travel to the Location

Follow the waypoint marker to the location of the Buried Technology Module.

5. Uncover the Module

With the location reached, use your Terrain Manipulator to dig and uncover the Technology Module. Inside, you will find Salvaged Data, usually ranging from 1 to 4 pieces per module.

The beauty of this method is that Buried Technology Modules are abundant on most planets, making it a reliable source of this currency. You can gather a substantial amount by dedicating some time to exploring and excavating.

Additional Sources of Salvaged Data

All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Reddit User xRosebud

While Buried Technology Modules are the most efficient way to obtain Salvaged Data, there are alternative sources for this valuable resource:

1. Minor Settlements:

Minor Settlements are key points of interest in No Man's Sky, coming in two forms: Regular and Abandoned, each offering distinct features.

Regular Minor Settlements:

  • These outposts feature a single Landing Pad, easily found with a Beacon.
  • Expect to find a Multi-tool for purchase, missions from lifeforms, and the chance to obtain Navigation Data or Nanite Clusters through interactions.
  • They house a unique Technology Merchant with rare items, and their Galactic Trade Terminal offers better prices for tradeables.
  • “Find Missing Person” missions often lead players to Regular Minor Settlements for objectives.

Abandoned Minor Settlements:

All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: Screen Rant
  • These challenging structures come with two rooms and a Landing Pad.
  • They include a corrupted terminal, a functional Galactic trade terminal, a Multi-tool for sale, and damaged machinery.
  • Whispering Eggs may be found outside, and there are two shelter buildings, but no NPCs are present.

In summary, both Regular and Abandoned Minor Settlements provide opportunities to acquire Salvaged Data and engage in various activities in No Man's Sky. Regular Settlements are more interactive, while Abandoned Settlements offer a unique and eerie experience. These points of interest enrich your journey in the No Man's Sky universe.

2. Missions:

Salvaged Data can also be obtained as rewards from Local Missions and Nexus Missions. Usually, when it comes to missions, the rate for acquiring this resource is as follows:

  • Nexus Missions – 8%
  • Mission Board Missions – ~4%
  • Missions from the Bounty Master in Outlaw Systems – 2%.

3. Guild Merchant Envoys:

All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man's Sky Guide
Credit: NoMan'sSkyWiki

Some Guild Merchants may offer Salvaged Data as part of their trade. Keep an eye out for these merchants during your journeys. It's important to note that, at the time of this guide, Salvaged Data is primarily used as a bartering item and is not needed for crafting recipes. As such, it's advisable to gather a substantial amount to unlock the blueprints you desire for your gameplay experience.

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Making the Most of Salvaged Data

Now that you know where to find Salvaged Data and understand its importance, let's discuss how to maximize its use:

1. Prioritize Blueprint Unlocking

Begin by focusing on unlocking blueprints that are most useful to your base building and gameplay. This will enhance your No Man's Sky experience and streamline your resource collection efforts.

2. Efficient Gathering

Consider using an Exocraft, such as the Roamer, to efficiently gather Salvaged Data. These vehicles allow you to cover more ground and tag multiple Buried Technology Modules for excavation. With this approach, you can collect 100-120 of them per hour.

3. Personal Refiner Duplication (BUG)

For those who want to expedite their blueprint unlocking, the Personal Refiner Duplication method can be employed. Transfer Salvaged Data to your personal refiner while in the Anomaly, then revert to the autosave that occurs after docking on the Anomaly. This allows you to duplicate the resource, although the process is limited to four pieces at a time.

4. Exocraft Duplication

The Exocraft Duplication method is more efficient for players who already possess a substantial amount of Salvaged Data. It involves transferring the data to your exocraft, creating a save point, and reloading the autosave to duplicate larger quantities. This method allows for the duplication of up to 48 stacks of them at a time.

Using Salvaged Data

To put Salvaged Data to use, follow these steps:

  1. Summon your ship and fly into space.
  2. Call in the Anomaly.
  3. An icon will guide you to the back of the Anomaly ship.
  4. Follow the icon and use one of the buy stations to spend your Salvaged Data.

Salvaged Data can be used to unlock Construction and Decorative modules, spacecraft, and Exo improvements, providing you with a plethora of options to enhance your No Man's Sky gameplay.

In conclusion, Salvaged Data is a valuable resource that opens doors to a myriad of possibilities in No Man's Sky. Whether you choose to adamantly excavate Buried Technology Modules on diverse planets, purchase it from Minor Settlements, or engage in duplication methods, acquiring and utilizing this resource is crucial for your journey through the universe. By following the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of Salvaged Data collection and blueprint unlocking in No Man's Sky. Good luck, explorer!

All You Need To Know About Salvaged Data: No Man’s Sky Guide
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