Manor Lords – All Resources Explained

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Manor Lords – All Resources Explained

Here’s a quick guide to help you understand all resources available in Manor Lords.

Manor Lords is a complex game that tests your micromanagement skills. You need to take care of your citizens and make sure they have everything they need to survive while protecting them from bandit attacks and expanding your town.

But that’s what makes it so entertaining. After going through the initial hurdle and getting a basic setup working, seeing your city bustling with life is quite rewarding. However, to get there, you need to first get a good grasp of the basics.

Now, understanding the resources in Manor Lords is a basic part of the game, but the sheer variety can make things complicated. If you’re new to the genre, learning how each of the resources work can take a while. But with our help things will go much smoother!

In this guide, we’ll give you a complete guideline on how all resources work in the game to get you one step closer to building the perfect medieval settlement. Let’s get started.

List of of All Resources:

The resources that you need in Manor Lords can be divided into several categories. Some of them you farm from the map, while for others you need to set up special collection points.

Let’s break down all the resources available in Manor Lords:

1. Currency:

Manor Lords - All Resources Explained

Credit: IGN

Currency is the primary resource in Manor Lords. There are three types of currency that you need to know about:

  • Treasury: This is used for diplomacy, conquering new regions, or even hiring mercenaries. Think of it as your gold.
  • Influence: There are different ways to gain Influence in Manor Lords. It’s necessary to stake your claim on an uncontested territory.
  • Regional Wealth: Regional Wealth refers to the wealth of the citizens in your settlement. It can be increased through trading and building Level 2 Burgage Plots.
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2. Raw Resources:

Manor Lords - All Resources Explained

Credit: IGN

Raw resources are those resources that are available naturally in the world. Some of these resources are seasonal, regenerating and depleting as the season changes. Others need to be replenished every now and then.

Here’s a quick highlight of all the raw resources that you can get in Manor Lords:

  • Wild Animals: Wild Animals in Manor Lords usually spawn in the woods. To hunt them, you need to build a Hunting Camp near the area. Once built, hunters will obtain Meat and Hide by hunting nearby Wild Animals.
  • Stone Deposits: Stone deposits require a Stonecutter Camp near the resource to extract. Stones are used to make buildings as you progress further into the game. After collecting all the Stones, the deposit will disappear.
  • Clay Deposits: Clay deposits are another finite resource that disappears once you extract all of it. It’s important to build industrial buildings later on.
  • Iron Deposits: Typically the last resource on the map, Iron Deposits also spawn naturally on the map. If you have the Bloomery and smithy in your city, you can use Iron to build weapons and armor.
  • Berry Deposits: To harvest berry deposits, you need to build a Forager Hut nearby. As you collect Berries, the amount left in the deposit will start to deplete. Don’t worry; they grow back each Spring.
  • Trees: Trees are probably the most readily available Raw resource on the map. However, you can always run out of them if you cut down too many of them. Thankfully, building a Forester Hut will replenish Trees after a while.

3. Food Resources:

Food is an essential resource in Manor Lords without which your citizens will starve. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for you to gather food for your settlers. You can collect food resources from foraging, farming, and even hunting.

Food resources in the game include things like Meat, Vegetables, Berries, Eggs, Apples, Bread, and Honey.

4. Crops:

Manor Lords - All Resources Explained

Credit: Windows Central

As you might guess, Crops are farmable resources that you can grow regularly in your settlement. Crops can be used as food or crafting materials. You can even use them as trade resources to generate currency.

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Planting crops in the right season usually gives you a better yield.

5. Fuel:

The winter seasons can be particularly harsh in Manor Lords and you need Fuel to survive the cold. During Summer seasons, each family will consume 1 Fuel Source, which increases to 2 when winter hits.

That’s why it’s important to ensure you have Fuel reserves before winter. Firewood and Charcoal are considered Fuel resources in the game.

6. Crafting Resources:

Manor Lords - All Resources Explained

Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Crafting resources such as Grain, Flour, Leather, etc, let you produce other products that you can either trade or use in Manor Lords. Some crafting resources can also be used to manufacture weapons for your Army.

Here’s a list of all crafting resources available in the game:

  • Grain
  • Flour
  • Hides
  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Yarn
  • Linen
  • Malt
  • Clay
  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Slab
  • Dyes

7. Commodities:

Commodities refer to any resource that can be traded. Usually, these are end products from your crafting materials. Selling these resources to neighboring towns can help you gain influence and currency, which you can use to grow and expand your own city.

Cloaks, Clothes, Ale, and Shoes are considered Commodities and can be used for trading.

8. Military Resources:

Manor Lords - All Resources Explained

Credit: Manor Lords

Last but not least, the weapons and armor for your military are considered military resources. It includes things like Sidearms, Polearms, Helmets, Plate Armor, and other similar things.

Make sure you take a look at your military to see which resources you want to prioritize. Also, here’s a guide on all the Recruit Types you can get in Manor Lords.

The sheer variety in resources that you can gather and use in Manor Lords is enough to confuse new players. Hopefully, our complete guide can make things a bit easier to understand.

For more tips and guides on Manor Lords, make sure you keep your eyes on ESTNN!

Manor Lords – All Resources Explained
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